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David's Caring Brother
How to Ride a Wave
How to Ride a Wave
David's Caring Brother

My great story is about my son, David now ten years of age. I am inspired to write on behalf of his older brother. I often wonder what I miss in looking at the relationship and interactions between David and his brother. This observation occurred over a summer vacation this year at a resort water park we’ve frequented in each of the past four or five years. The resort features water slides, playgrounds, and two wave pools, one of which has relative large waves. David’s brother tells me, during a discussion after our time there this year, that the giant wave is released every 90 seconds. David entered the pool taking up a comfortable position sitting center pool in water up to his belly where he waited for the first wave and perhaps to watch his brother who stood in deeper water a considerable distance in front of him. When the wave finally reached him, it had become elongated and flattened to his head height completely engulfing his body as it tumbled him over backwards several times until he came to rest in the surf some 20 yards or so from where he began. My concern for him in what I thought must have been traumatic quickly faded as I saw him get up, get his bearings, and look over at me with my leg braced against the wall and camera in hand in ankle deep water. He had a huge smile on his face and added triumphant fist pump in celebration. David returned to his previous sitting position. His brother had taken note of what just happened and took up a position behind David to help him. When the wave landed this time, his brother was unable hold him in place as he intended to do. David had roughly the same go of it. He stood up again but this time was noticing a scrape on his elbow as he did. He turned to me smiling again but adding “owie” as he showed me the small scrape. I also noticed some chaffing from the bottom of the pool along his backside and realized being in deeper water for the next wave might be better. I suggested to them both that they try the next wave from deeper water and urged his brother to take him there. He seemed glad to do so and I noticed his concern turn to excited pleas and urgings to David for him to follow him. David did and apparently completely accepted the instruction he received from his brother on how to ride a giant wave. I took the photo of both of them posing to ride the wave. Reflecting on the image, I am reminded of the care David’s brother has for him and what a tremendous blessing they are to each other.

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