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The Up Side of Downs
The Up Side of Downs

My Son Braedan, was born with Down syndrome almost 4 years ago. We werent aware he had Down syndrome until after birth, which meant we had no way to prepare. So we just rolled with punches. Despite having several complications after birth including: meconium aspiration, RSV, and open heart surgery to repair his VSD- which is a hole in the membrane of the heart. He made it through all of those life threatening ordeals because I believe he is a sweet, loving, determined litle boy who was sent to me and our family from the Great Lord above to teach us how to over come life's struggles through love and determination to make it. He has just finished his first year of school; Pre-K and will be a Kindergardener this following August! He started school not even walking, he spoke only a few words and signed very few signs. As of now he knows and signs, tries to pronounce all of his colors, he is starting to count and is still in the process of learning more signs. He also just ended his first season of playing teeball for the Miracle League with our local town, he had so much fun and made alot of new friends! Braedan also participated in his first Special Olympics Event called Young Athletes, it was very busy with a lot of ppl, but he still enjoyed himself. My son has accomplished so much it surprises me that he is about to be 4 and I look back to all his baby pictures and see how much he has developed. I thank God for choosing me and my family to be blessed with such a wonderful little boy who is definitely full of life. All people with special needs are angels in disguise. It's not always easy to handle the obstacles that come along with having Down syndrome, but it's well worth it to see and enjoy the positives. I encourage everyone I know to become an advocate for people with Down syndrome, and all disabilities.

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