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The Things I'm Proud Of...
The Things I'm Proud Of...

My name is Natasa Theodoridou and I'm 24 years old. I come from Thessaloniki, a big town in northern Greece. I live with my mother and I have a younger sister. I miss my sister. She is a student and she lives in an island. She'll come in Thessaloniki next month, so I'm looking forward to see her again! I like dancing and listening to the music. I adore Greek music and usually I listen to it when I am at home. I also use my computer to listen to the music or watch videos with my favorite singers. I want to share with you my experience from Special Olympics. You see, I am an athlete and last year I visited Athens for the games. It was a tough year because I had to dedicate a lot of time to hard trainings. I also had to be careful with my diet, because I shouldn't gain weight. Finally, the big day arrived and I dressed up, put some make-up and took my equipment. I was stressed out, but I soon realized that I did it well. I won 5 medals. Everybody took photos of me and they were applauding. At the end of the games there was a big party for all of us. I had great time with my friends, we danced and we ate great food after so many months I could eat anything I wanted. On one hand my main goal is to improve myself as an athlete and on the other hand to make my family proud of my achievements.

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