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The Fan
The Fan

My name is Sheryl Sternal and my great story tells about my love of sports. At the young age of 1 year, I went to my first baseball game. It was a night game that went into extra innings. I couldn't sleep. I had to stay awake until the game ended. Since then I have had the opportunity to visit all of the major league baseball stadiums. I have collected a pin of each stadium along with pins of different players. My favorite football team is Notre Dame. I have the opportunity to attend many of their games. We always tailgate which I enjoy doing. I help prepare and choose snacks. On one occasion, Rudy Ruettiger, THE RUDY, sat behind me at a Notre Dame football game. I was able to get his autograph on my Notre Dame hat. At work I talk about the games with my special friend. When baseball and football end, there is always hockey. I am there cheering for my favorite team, the Fort Wayne Komets, and player Guy Dupuis. At first I had a hard time following the puck but that changed. I also would get upset when the players would fight. Now I watch and cheer when my team comes out on top.

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