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She Shoots, She Scores!
She Shoots, She Scores!

Rebekah stands nervously at the free throw line. A hush falls over the gym. She shoots, she scores! The whole place erupts in applause and cheers. The opposing team's fans give her a standing ovation. A woman running a video camera is heard screaming (that would be me, Rebekah's mom). This is not about Rebekah making the shot; this is about a giant step forward in her acceptance and inclusion in her community. This was Rebekah's first year at Greenon High School. She has been fully included in her community school and became manager of the women's basketball team. This journey began when Rebekah's friend Whitney asked the head coach if Rebekah could be manager of the team. However, manager was not enough for the coach so he approached us with the idea that Rebekah would play in the last home game of the season. Like a pebble dropped into the water the ripples of that night continued out from the gym to the opposing team and their coach; to the student body and staff of Greenon High School; to other schools in our district; then on to the local newspaper and radio station. We posted the video on YouTube and heard from people all over the country. It was a magical night, the culmination of many years of hopes and expectations. Rebekah has gone from a tiny baby whose survival was questionable to a healthy, active high school student; from a child who did not walk independently until she was three to a Special Olympian and student athlete; from a child whose initial test scores cast doubt on her ability to learn to being on the honor roll and receiving an academic letter her freshman year in high school. Now, as she begins her sophomore year, we look forward to this year and what it will bring. She shoots, she scores each day with the joy she brings to those around her and the love she gives to all.

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Jessica Gourvitz, United States, CA
11/1/2011 1:12:49 AM
This story is very inspiring, and shows how much a person can progress with Down Syndrome. A great example of the unstoppable human spirit! Thank you for sharing!

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