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Our Marathon Runner - Malik Jabbaar
Malik Hope & Possibility Kids Fun Run 2012
Malik Hope & Possibility Kids Fun Run 2012
Our Marathon Runner - Malik Jabbaar

Meet Malik Jabbaar, the youngest out of four children and the youngest marathon runner with Achilles Kids, who happens to have Down syndrome. Our Prince Malik (as we like to call him), is a high-functioning, vibrant, lovable, smart and energetic nine-year-old boy who loves to run, and as you can imagine living in New York City we had to find a place where he could release all of that energy. Thank God for Achilles Kids, an organization which welcomes all children with disabilities and gives them the opportunity to exercise regularly and compete with other runners, helping them become stronger and healthier. Since joining Achilles Kids in 2012, Malik has made friends with children of all ages and disabilities - not noticing any of their disabilities, but only their love for running. The entire staff and volunteers that dedicate their time and energy to assist all the children in their weekly activity which includes relay racing, exercising and running is priceless. Malik trained and completed his first ever five-mile run last June in the Hope & Possibility Kids Fun Run in NYC along with his volunteer buddy, Chris and his supportive sisters Meiling and Maya. How cool is that? Earlier in January 2013, Achilles Kids selected Malik to participate in Disney’s 5K Family Run in Orlando, FL which was sponsored by Cigna. We were so grateful to Achilles Kids for considering him, even though he was the youngest participant out of the group known as the Fab Five. The excitement on our son’s face was priceless and he understood that he was running at Epcot Center representing Achilles Kids along with receiving his prize medal at the end of the race. What a thrill to see him cross the finish line after one hour and forty-four minutes and to hear him say, “Mommy are you proud of me?” As you can imagine, tears flowed down our faces and of course we were definitely proud of our Prince Malik. Now as the 2013 year begins, he will participate again at the annual NYC Buddy Walk® and training has already begun for the next Hope & Possibility Kids Fun Run. Malik is just as excited as he was on his first run. Get Ready, Get Set, Go Malik!

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Elizabeth Herrera, United States, NY
2/25/2013 11:42:28 AM
Way to go Malik!!

Auntie Shannon Goodwin, United States, GA
2/24/2013 10:27:00 PM
Congrats Malik!! ! Love you much! Auntie Shan

Tiehesha, United States, NY
2/24/2013 12:32:17 AM
Good job Malik

Am-Ma, United States, NY
2/23/2013 11:33:18 PM
Keep Going, My Handsome Genius. We are so very proud of you!!

Tilayah Johnson, United States, NJ
2/23/2013 11:14:33 PM
Go Malik! Goooo!!!

Thomas R. Cooper Jr, United States, NC
2/23/2013 9:50:45 PM
my oldest brother suffers with autism and it always warms my heart to read stories of triumph from other kids like him

Denise Crawford, United States, CA
2/23/2013 9:40:23 PM
Yay Malik!!!!!

Crystal Crawford, United States, CA
2/23/2013 9:38:52 PM
Go Malik, go! Proud of you!

Cory Williams, United States, GA
2/23/2013 9:12:43 PM
Good luck

David Perez, United States, PA
2/23/2013 3:08:08 PM
GO MALIK!!!!!!

Nancy Casanova , United States, NY
2/23/2013 2:13:18 PM
Good luck to u Malik!!!!

Grettel Siu, United States, NY
2/23/2013 11:37:10 AM
That's my Boy!!! Awesome Job Malik. Titi Loves you and you are a Inspiration to All of Your Family!!!! ❤❤❤

Christopher Jones, United States, NY
2/23/2013 11:30:36 AM
Fantastic Story .... Good Job Malik!!!

Taco bite, United States, NY
2/23/2013 10:33:40 AM
gREAT!!! Free TACOS on us anytime. God Bless & keep up the great work. Can't wait to see you in the Olympics!!!,

Rodney Nelson , United States, NY
2/23/2013 10:26:11 AM
You GO! Boy...what an inspiration !!!

Lorraine, United States, NY
2/23/2013 10:06:51 AM
K.E. sent me. Keep up the great work everyone!! One step at a time you are changing the lives of so many!! Little warriors living in NYC!

Pascale Greene, United States, NY
2/23/2013 9:51:10 AM
Malik, we are very proud of you. The Greene Family

Aneesah Abdul-Jabbaar, United States, NY
2/23/2013 8:09:28 AM
Auntie is soooo proud of you. You definitely have MY vote!! Love ya!!

Joselyn Feliciano, United States, NY
2/23/2013 7:03:18 AM
Good Luck Malik!!

Wanda Hernandez, United States, NY
2/23/2013 1:51:40 AM
Go for it Malik best of luck

Colleen & KE, United States, NY
2/23/2013 12:30:07 AM
Yeah Malik! We love Malik My son KE & him are buddies I'm going to rally & get you some votes

Jacqueline Garner Scott, United States, NY
2/23/2013 12:09:47 AM
Go Malik! Keep making mommy and daddy proud of you! God bless!!

Lizzie Siu , United States, FL
2/22/2013 11:36:43 PM
Go liqi titi is voting for you.

Robert Rivera, United States, FL
2/22/2013 10:39:15 PM
Thats my lil brother love you lil bro from your big bro in fl see you soon

Yamira Siu, United States, NY
2/22/2013 9:56:12 PM

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