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Our First Special Olympics
Our First Special Olympics

This year the Summer Special Olympics were held in Richmond, VA and we decided to volunteer to cheer on the teams that were participating. My son, Jaire, has Down syndrome and we were casually walking around waiting for the torch lighting ceremony. A boy walked up, playing with his medal from the previous year. Then he looked up and saw Jaire in his stroller. He yelled, "Mommy, mommy, look, he is just like me! Can I please give him my medal?" His mom and I tried to explain to him that he doesn't have to do that, but he insisted. He took it off and hung it around Jaire's neck and called him a winner. His actions set the tone for a great, awesome weekend. Here's to you, Jonathan!

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Modesty Worsley , United States, VA
4/30/2015 6:18:09 PM
We love you Jaire...... From the Worsley Clan

TIFFANY R BROWN, United States, SC
4/30/2015 4:47:23 PM
When yah girl feeling down and out, I can always depend on you to lift me up!!! With a SELFIE or HOTTEST VIDEO..LOL

Tiff Brown, United States, SC
4/30/2015 4:42:25 PM
DS Brown Love you to LIFE!!!

TIFFANY BROWN, United States, SC
4/30/2015 4:41:13 PM

Shondra Anderson , United States, VA
4/30/2015 3:23:48 PM
We love and miss you Jy Jy! Good luck!

Shardae, United States, OH
4/30/2015 2:32:07 PM
Love you Jy

Erika Sellers , United States, TX
4/30/2015 12:29:10 PM
Mr. President is an amazing little boy who has so much strength and happiness. He motivates so many to just be you. I love this guy to the moon and back!! And his family rocks. ..they never treat him as though he is different in any way, and that is why he is awesome today!

Kenneth James, United States, VA
4/30/2015 11:49:13 AM
I have never met Jaire in person but everytime I see him on video he is smiling laughing and enjoy life love watching seeing him grow up.

Mia Wilcox, United States, KY
4/30/2015 11:40:37 AM
Love this little boy! He's full joy, love and strength! GO JAIRE!!!

Kamishia Brown, United States, HI
4/30/2015 11:22:45 AM
Jyaire is my motivation and he has the BEST family in the world!! We Love you buddy

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