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My Dream
My Dream

My name is Seth, and my dream is to meet Michael Jordan. I have played basketball for a long time and I love it. I have had two memorable experiences with basketball and I hope they help me achieve my dream. My first experience was during a basketball game in middle school. I was a forward on Olympia Spartans basketball team. We were playing the last home game and there was a giant crowd. We were winning and the crowd was wild. My teammate had the ball and I ran to get open. Finally he passed the ball to me when I was at the 3 point line. I remembered the coach said to shoot the ball so I looked at the hoop and "SWISH". First our crowd cheered and then the other team and their crowd cheered also! After I shot the ball I felt, "whoa" and I loved it. HOI 19 recorded the whole game. I got to be on the news, and I felt like a professional like Michael Jordan. My second experience that let me almost meet Michael Jordan was meeting his son Jeffrey. I was at the first practice for the University of Illinois' basketball team. I went with my friend Megan Ott and my parents. I was on the basketball court doing a three-point contest against Jeffrey Jordan. Then, Jeffrey missed a bunch of three point shots and so did I. Jeffery missed his last shot because one of the players put his hand on Jeffrey's head and distracted him. Then I made my last shot and the team and Coach Bruce Weber cheered for me! After that we were all in the huddle at half court and I was the person who led them out by screaming "ILLLLL-I-NI!" I felt like part of the U of I team. Before the practice I got to talk to Jeffrey and Bruce for my first time. We talked about Jeffrey's dad, Michael Jordan. I gave Jeffrey a video of the three-point shot I made so that the whole Jordan family could watch it. Hopefully by making that three point shot and giving the video to Jeffrey it will help me meet my hero.

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