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Inspiring Hope One Step at a Time
Angela Armenta running her first marathon with her siblings
Angela Armenta running her first marathon with her siblings
Inspiring Hope One Step at a Time

Angela Armenta is one of the first women with Down syndrome to complete a marathon.  In August of 2011 Angela began training to run a marathon.  She started out running a couple of laps at a local park and before long she started running 5 miles twice a week.  In January of 2012 Angela completed her first half-marathon.  Angela and her family continued training and stayed focused on the goal of completing a marathon.  Angie ran between 12 and 16 miles every Saturday and Sunday in the final months leading up to her first marathon. On March 18, 2012, she completed the 26.2 miles of the Los Angeles Marathon.  
Angie displayed the courage, bravery, determination, and heart of a true champion.  Angie's younger sister, Rebecca, and older brother, Joseph, ran/walked the marathon alongside her.  Meanwhile, Angela's parents, Michael and Marie, and her oldest brother Edward drove, walked, and ran along the race route with water, food, and other supplies for Angie, Becky and Joseph.  Along the way Angie & her siblings were joined by their Aunt's Ruth, Rita, and Gloria for a combined 12 miles of the marathon.  Angela's cousin, Ricky, joined in on the excitement at mile 17 and stayed with her until the end.  An incredible group of family friends, now known as "Angie's Army" joined Angie for the last 10.2 miles of the race.  Together, this joyful Army helped keep Angie motivated and focused on accomplishing her goal.  Instead of being filled with pain and doubt, the final miles of Angela's first marathon were full of happiness, laughter, singing, dancing, and thoughts of warm cheeseburgers.  With an Army behind her, Angela did it - she completed a marathon despite having Down syndrome!  Angela's marathon story has been documented with blog entries, photos, and videos on her website 

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