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Hi there, my name is Lisa. I live in Johannesburg South Africa, and have been teaching gymnastics to kids for about 25 years. Last year I was approached by a mom to enrol her daughter in my classes. She explained that her daughter had Down syndrome. I was reluctant at first to admit Jordana into my mainstream programme, as I didn't know if she would cope. Putting my fears aside, I allowed Jordana to attend classes the following week. When she first started, Jordana was very nervous, had large scale motor and spatial issues, and although very enthusiastic to participate, was quite nervous especially on the uneven bars and balance beam. She would even not roll over! A year down the line and Jordana is a different gymnast. She rolls on her own, does cartwheels , can monkey walk across the uneven bars and walks across the balance beam. Her confidence levels have soared, and she was even awarded a place ribbon at our club competition! To see the difference we have made in one little girl's life is incredibly rewarding. Jordana has become an integral part of our class, and is loved by all. The best part of my Wednesday is when Jordana arrives and I get greeted with an enormous hug and a resounding " Hello Lisa!" I am now looking at expanding my class schedule to include a programme for kids with Down syndrome.

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Jackie du Toit, South Africa,
8/5/2014 1:00:36 PM
I would love for my almost 4 year old downsyndrome son to be able to take gymnastic classes, but don't know where to start looking for someone. He has great upper body strength and I think he will be able to do gymnastics.

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