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Greatest Game Ever
Ethan Running the Bases
Ethan Running the Bases
Greatest Game Ever

Baseball is a huge part the Etter household. My middle son, Samuel is a catcher and my youngest son Ethan, who has Down syndrome, plays with the Miracle League of Delray Beach, Florida. Some of Ethan's first words were bat and ball, take Nam (Samuel). Because this is such a big part of our lives, we have been able to tell the character of Samuel's coaches by the way they treat Ethan. This year we had two amazing experiences with coaches. Samuel's coach, Bill Harper, at Boca Christian School hosts a family day, where the siblings have a home run derby and win prizes. This year Ethan won a hat and a very special medal! Mr. Harper also came to a Miracle League game to watch Ethan play baseball, how many coaches give up their first free Saturday and drive 15 miles in the May heat to watch a sibling play baseball! In July we travel to Abilene Texas (our former home) for my three kids to go to camp. We arrived at Samuel's baseball camp at Abilene Christian University, after driving 1860 miles, at 3:10, the camp started at 3:00. Ethan followed me into registration and gave Coach Britt Bonneau a big hug, then went onto get a Cajun Cone (another first word and a potty training tool). After Ethan's camp, we would go to Samuel's camp to watch him play. This year when that first game was over, Coach Britt found Ethan and called him on the field. Ethan couldn't believe his ears, he pointed to himself and said me and coach waved him down, he was given a rake and he raked the bases with the rest of the campers. When that was finished Ethan stayed for the huddle, prayer (which he led) and the 1,2,3 Wildcats! The next night Ethan went down on the field again, only this time I lost sight of him. When I saw him again he was walking his "I am too cool for you walk" with a hat, a shirt, arm bands, a really large bat and the biggest smile on his face! The last night of Samuel's camp, Ethan remembered to bring in his very large bat. After the game, Coach Britt brought a bucket of balls to the mound and Samuel to catch for his brother and they did a little batting practice. Much to everyone's surprise Ethan hit the ball, ran the bases and the of course slid into home. That night Ethan, I and the mosquitoes were the last ones to leave the field, even Samuel and Coach Britt left before we did. Ethan was basking in the glow of being treated like a typical kid. Blessings don't always come in huge packages, simple acts of kindness often have the biggest impact. These coaches were just being themselves totally unaware of their remarkable character, simple acts were being observed and appreciated by others.

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Vic Nocera, United States, FL
1/25/2011 8:21:22 AM
Thanks for the great story. Ethan also plays soccer and he has one heck of a kick. Coach Vic Topsoccer

Barbara Mealey, United States, FL
1/25/2011 6:01:19 AM
Heart warming story!

vanessa morejon, United States, FL
1/25/2011 5:51:21 AM
This story is great!!

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