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Chloe and Sean Casey on the Miracle League Field
Chloe and Baseball All Star Sean Casey
Chloe and Baseball All Star Sean Casey
Chloe and Sean Casey on the Miracle League Field

This 2012 Memorial Day weekend marked the Grand Opening of Casey's Clubhouse Miracle League Field in the south hills of Pittsburgh, PA. Chloe Kondrich was there in her Angels baseball uniform with baseball all star Sean Casey who planted the seeds for this incredible field. Chloe will be playing games there for many years, and the Miracle League field is a very bright beacon of light and hope for countless individuals. Chloe’s father Kurt Kondrich called the facility a "priceless blessing to these children and the entire community, and it represents the community coming together to showcase their abilities, rather than their disabilities." “It's really cool that this field, where kids are being included, is sitting in the shadow of the former Mayview State Hospital, where 40 years ago these kids would have been sent and excluded," Kondrich commented. Chloe attends 3rd grade in her neighborhood school with Sean Casey’s son, and they have been classmates since kindergarten. Sean Casey is a true champion for children and families, and he represents the very best when it comes to professional sports. Sean has left a legacy that will be yielding a positive harvest for every member of the community for many generations, and we are all blessed by his investment.

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Kimberley Adams, United States, NY
8/23/2012 9:09:05 PM
Good Luck Chloe.....

LJ, United States, GA
06/28/2012 13:44:10

Amy Sukay, United States, PA
06/11/2012 07:29:37

Susan Davis, United States, PA
06/06/2012 21:55:29
I am voting on Chloeand SeanCasey on the MiracleField.

Heather Wolford, United States, PA
06/05/2012 15:06:59
Love this story.

Tammy, United States, PA
06/05/2012 09:53:31
This is fantastic. I am so glad there are others who see the great potential of our children who are born with "special needs" .

Linda, United States, PA
06/05/2012 09:19:03
what an inspirational inspiring story!

Jen DeBell, United States, PA
06/05/2012 08:05:21

Kathleen McKinnon, United States, PA
06/05/2012 00:36:36
Great story! Way to go Chloe!

roberto garcia, United States, PA
06/04/2012 23:27:29
Kurt Kondrich's storys are always inspiring.

Michelle, United States, PA
06/04/2012 22:24:33
Awesome story......awesome family!

Elain M Carcaise, United States, PA
06/04/2012 19:39:47
Great article! Cant wait to sign up my daughter for the nest season!

Amy W. Davis, United States, PA
06/04/2012 18:16:48
Way to go Sean, thanks for standing up for our children. We are blessed to have someone like you to help put the children first. Great story!

nancy schwartz, United States, PA
06/04/2012 18:00:52
I vote for this story!

Bill Halle, United States, PA
06/04/2012 17:49:41
What an awesome thing and well put, "abright beacon of light abd hope "!

Donald McCoid, United States, IL
06/04/2012 17:40:00
Wonderful witness about life ,faith, love, and hope.

Laura Neece-Baltaro, United States, NE
06/04/2012 17:33:08

Larry Rescio, United States, PA
06/04/2012 17:23:59
as a dad of a daughter with Down or UP Syndrome I can say that Chloe is a awesome girl that shows how much these kids are a blessing. Way to go Chloe!

Kathy Conway, United States, PA
06/04/2012 16:36:28
Well said. We love this opportunity. From Katie Conway - Dodgers' player at the Cranberry ML Field.

Theresa, United States, PA
06/04/2012 16:33:29
Thank you Sean Casey and all who made this possible.

Dale, United States, PA
06/04/2012 16:21:34
great story!

Pete Ritchey, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:58:17
Meet Sean Casey at a Mt. Lebanon playoff baseball game - great individual with a humble servant heart.

Luanne Lowry, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:51:08
All I can say is, "this is awesome!" Love, love, love it!

Georgia Hernandez, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:44:21
An inspiring story that Chloe and Kurt continue to spread. May this story be chosen so that they can continue on this incredible journey.

Gwen Adams, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:42:58

Erin McGarrity, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:30:38

Mike Viola, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:29:46
Great story

Gloria Keefer, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:28:08
What a great story!!

bill isler, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:25:24
Very inspirational.

Fiona Patrick, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:24:58
Best Wishes, Fiona

Carmen, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:21:50
This is a wonderful story which supports the fact that all children can be a part of a whole community regardless of their abilities.

Kevin, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:19:41

Esther Falcetta, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:10:06
Chloe and her family are an amazing example of grassroots the local, state & national levels. We're so thankful for their efforts, and for the wonderful example that Chloe lives every single day!

Stephanie Schlimm, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:09:23
This is an amazing project and where our world needs to turn. To the world of inclusion. Please choose this story as your winner!

Sue Killmeyer, United States, PA
06/04/2012 15:07:25
What a great story! Thanks Kurt, and Chloe!

Maura, United States, PA
06/04/2012 14:24:54
What unbelievable players with so many incredible abilities. The community came together; because, they thought they were building a baseball field for children with some special needs. What they didn't realize was that these children had been the ones who were building the community.

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