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Boston Harbor Swim
Boston Harbor Swim

I plan to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month by going for a little swim...ok...a BIG Swim. I will be teaming up with the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress to raise awareness and funds for their Buddy Walk' by swimming the Boston Harbor! On October 8th, I plan to swim the 8 mile distance from the Boston Lighthouse on Little Brewster to the beach at the L Street Bathhouse. We will start the swim at 9AM in order to take advantage of the currents at that time. My last big swim was a 9 mile swim across the width of Lake Tahoe. The Lake has no current to help the swimmer, only lots of wind to get in the way. Before my Tahoe swim, I completed a "Swim Around the Rock" in San Francisco Bay. It was a four mile swim from Aquatic Park all the way out to Alcatraz Island, all the way around the Island and back to Aquatic Park. Unlike some famous prisoners who have attempted this swim, I have lived to tell about it! You can learn more about me and the work I do by visiting my website at If you would like to support me in my effort to swim the Boston Harbor, please go to I will update my story after the swim to let you know how I did. Here's hoping for a good current, smooth water and no wind! Karen G

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Diane Sabatier, United States, LA
8/10/2011 3:31:08 PM
Karen, I am in awe at your swimming accomplishments. I swim for a masters team but am not ready to go the distance as you have. I hope I will be able to do a 1650 one day! You are amazing.

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