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7th Grade Football
7th Grade Football
7th Grade Football
7th Grade Football

Brandon’s dream has always been to do whatever it is that the other kids are doing. Last fall, he wanted to play on the 7th grade football team. We talked to the coach. He said that they would have to make some adjustments, but Brandon could be on the team. He would only get to play during the 5th quarter, before the actual game started, but the whole team was so very supportive of him. During the last game of the season, our team was losing pretty badly by the 4th quarter of the game we were down 50-0. My husband and I kept hearing someone yell from the stands, “Put Roach in!” With 12 seconds left in the game, the other team had the ball. The coach put Brandon in, everyone in the stands was cheering. The coach told Brandon “Just hit him as hard as you can” As soon as the play started, Brandon darted in and sacked the quarterback just as the final horn blew. There was not a dry eye in stands. This is a day that Brandon will remember forever!

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jayden brice bishop, United States, GA
2/2/2016 1:37:10 PM
thats so amizing

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