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The Best Mom
we are at the museum of natural history
we are at the museum of natural history
The Best Mom

My mom is the best mom in the entire world. She encourages me to try everything. I am very lucky that she is my mom. So I am ready for Mother's Day. I wrote the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner months ago and I know what decorations I need. I am very organized. My Dad is always my gopher in the kitchen when I come over to cook all day. The other day on Good Morning America I heard them advertise about Breakfast For Mom With Emeril. On the computer I went and emailed my request for him to come. I told him my mom loves blueberries. 
I also reminded him that he sent me an autographed cookbook when I received the Melissa Riggio Voices Award in 2010. I hope he also remembers that I sent him back my autographed picture. I told him that I will help him cook the breakfast. I love to cook and I am very good at it. I take cooking classes and I have a chef's jacket and hat. After I received the award I asked my mom to take me to the Culinary Institute to sign up for classes. The counselor took me and my mom around to the classes that just started. I decided I needed to take more classes locally before going to the Institute. The counselor was very supportive and told me she would wait and then she said "I am sure I will see you soon." She also said they recently placed a student who was blind in a job at a local restaurant. I know they will find me a job too. 
I have written my own cookbook which I have dedicated to my mom who taught me so much about cooking. She is the best cook ever. All of my recipes are simple, healthy and yummy. My next dream is to be on the Food Network to show everyone that people with Down syndrome are great cooks too.

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diane m tatro, United States, WI
4/8/2011 6:49:09 PM
great story, i plan on writing one myself soon as I have a down syndrome granddaughter my daughter is an inspiration to me and everyone who meets her,

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