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Starring James Walker
Starring James Walker

Hi! My Name is James Robert Walker and I am 19 years old. I live in El Paso, Illinois with my family. I graduated from Normal West High School in 2009. I work at Four Seasons Recreation Club where I do many different things like clean the workout machines, fold towels, greet guests and many other exciting things. My Great Story is about me being in the musical, Annie. I hope you enjoy it! In the musical Annie, I was Rooster. He was a very mean guy to the orphans. Ms. Hannigan and Rooster teamed up together against the orphans who were playing tricks on them. This made playing my character a lot more fun because I had to act differently then I do in real life. I had to learn my lines and sing many different songs. My favorite songs to sing in Annie was "Easy Street" and "Anything About You" because the characters in the musical were all happy when singing those songs. My two favorite characters in the musical were Annie and Warbucks. Here is a little summary of what the musical Annie is about. The musical Annie is about a young girl who is an orphan. An orphan is someone who does not have any parents. Annie is a nice girl who wants to get adopted. She lives in an orphanage with a lot of other girls and they cause a lot of trouble by playing jokes on Ms. Hannigan. She causes some trouble along the way before Daddy Warbucks comes along. Annie gets to live a life full of love and money until...You will have to watch the musical to see what happens next! Being Rooster in the musical Annie was something that I wish I could do again. Everyone in the cast was very nice and we had a lot of fun together. We practiced everyday after school for a couple of months. It was a lot of had work but so much fun at the same time. I plan on being in other musicals in the future with the same group of people because everyone was very nice and helped me learn my lines and songs. I can't wait to see what musical I will be in next!

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Kelli Appel, United States, IL
12/4/2011 4:32:05 PM
You were really fun to watch in Annie! Hope you are in another musical soon.

Carol Kramp, United States, VT
08/14/2012 12:07:35
Hi James, I really enjoyed your story. My son, Nick, also likes to act. He has been the Big, Bad Wolf and last year he got to be a secret agent. His drama group also sings songs. Have you always liked to act? Nick likes to do imitations. He can do Homer Simpson and Arnold Schwartzenegger (I'll be back!). I hope you keep on acting! Carol

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