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Princess Sammie
 Princess For The Day
Princess For The Day
Princess Sammie

My daughter Samantha Ray is eight years old and has Down syndrome. She is the most amazing and motivated child I know. She recently entered the Miss Amazing Pagent for young women with disabilites ages five to thirty five. She was required to participate only in the evening gown portion of the pagent because she is young. Family and friends said she would never be able to walk across the stage due to either fear or anxiety. Were they surprised when she held her head high and walked across that stage waving to everyone in the audience with a smile from ear to ear. She was beautiful inside and out. She was able to overcome her fears and wow them all. Next year she would like to participate again but this time she wants to enter the talent portion of the pagent. She wants to do a Hannah Montanna routine as Miley Cyrus is her favorite singer. I hope she continues to reach for her dreams and continues to reach for the sky.

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Jerod Garland, United States, IA
07/09/2012 19:06:49
Great picture and story! Here's to a future of chasing her dreams!

Tracy Barnard, United States, MD
05/21/2012 10:40:14

Stephanie Alexander, United States, PA
05/21/2012 07:03:09
So beautiful! :)

Eileen Krauze, United States, SC
05/18/2012 14:11:39
Sammie Ray is a beautiful young lady (inside and out). She is absolutely precious and I love her dearly!!

Jill Childress, United States, MD
05/18/2012 11:15:07
So proud of you Sammie! Keep reaching for the stars!

cathy ray, United States, MD
05/17/2012 22:15:47
She is amazing!

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