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Meghan Sings Her Heart Out!
Meghan Sings Her Heart Out!

Meghan is 28 years old and has Down syndrome, but she is so much more than a young lady with a genetic DIS-ability! She lives an awesome life! Meghan lives at home with her family, works in the local grocery store bakery department, is active in her community, swims, reads, does Zumba at the ‘Y,’ cheers in Special Olympics, helps out with the children on Sundays and sings in her church choir! Her favorite things are reading, word-search, watching TV, videos and movies, eating and treating her family out to dinner, playing on the Wii, hanging out with her friends and singing! In this photo she’s at choir practice, front row center in the blue top, right before church service starts, singing her heart out to Jesus! She also signs many of the words, and is a blessing to everyone in the service. We are so very proud of her and we are so thankful that the doctors were all wrong when they told us how little she would really do in her life! She’s an amazing young lady!

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Brian Johnson, United States, NC
8/19/2013 8:31:39 PM
I just love Meghan's heart! She sings as though she is the only one there, for an audience of one! She is one special lady & I look forward to getting my hug from every Sunday :)

Kimberly Johnson, United States, NC
8/19/2013 8:21:30 PM
There is no one like Meghan. Before worship, you can find her giving out hugs and smiles to anyone that crosses her path. She is so real in her worship. She sings her heart out, and is a great example for all of us. I love her heart, her genuine kindness and her love for our Lord!! You go girl!! :)

Amy Hykin, United States, NC
8/18/2013 8:04:08 PM
Way to go Megan. you are an inspiration.

Lisa Dirks, United States, NC
8/18/2013 6:54:32 PM
Love to watch Meghan worship on Sunday mornings! What a blessing her obvious faith is!

Anne Olsen, United States, IL
8/10/2013 3:21:40 PM
Good luck Megan!

lisa sprinklel, United States, NC
8/9/2013 6:11:23 AM
Love seeing Megan in the choir at BBC! She's an amazing girl!

Peggy Martin, United States, CA
8/9/2013 1:21:35 AM
What amazing parents Megan has! Without your guidance maybe she wouldn't have lived such a great life so far! It just confirms that with God, all things are possible! Go Megan!

Dale Pickens, United States, NC
8/8/2013 8:41:02 PM
Go Megan!

Cheryl Pickens, United States, NC
8/8/2013 8:20:26 PM
You're an example for all of us, Meghan!

Ellen (Terrell) Garrard, United States, NC
8/8/2013 1:06:41 PM
What an inspiring young woman!

Nicole McAbee, United States, NC
8/8/2013 12:45:55 PM
LOVE Meghan!!!

Diane Foote, United States, NC
8/7/2013 9:52:38 PM
What an amazing young lady! You go girl! She is involved in so many great activities. Love you!

Carol Ray, United States, NC
8/7/2013 8:29:00 AM
A beautiful young lady that believes & shares God with all around her!

Denise Gravely, United States, NC
8/7/2013 8:10:48 AM
What a beautiful precious inspiring young lady Meghan is. I love watching her worship and set a wonderful example of how awesome God is through her worship. She's number one a true winner! A true Hero!

Stephen McPherson, United States, FL
8/7/2013 12:09:32 AM
Meghan, we love your spirit--you're a special lady. Keep singing for Jesus!!! The McPherson Family

Cory, United States, NC
8/6/2013 8:27:02 PM
I love seeing Meghan when she's at work in the bakery. She is a hard worker and takes pride in what she does. Her smile is heart warming and you can't help smiling back at this beautiful young lady. I'm honored to be able to vote for this precious young lady.

Katelyn Stills, United States, NC
8/6/2013 6:14:30 PM
Such a wonderful and joyful young lady!

Wanda Stills, United States, NC
8/6/2013 4:00:54 PM
wonderful girl

Cheryl Ashenfelder, United States, NC
8/6/2013 3:49:43 PM
Such a precious girl! My 11 year old son adores her.

Christie Hansen, United States, CA
8/6/2013 2:49:25 PM
She is precious!

shelley jones, United States, NC
8/6/2013 1:58:36 PM
She is a lovely singer!

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