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Ian Rawn, The Dreamer
Ian Rawn, The Dreamer

My name is Ian Rawn. I want to tell some great stories about possibility...possibility is what happens when you believe dreams can come true. I think we should always follow our dreams, and I did! I always wanted to be a firefighter, actor, athlete, volunteer, a businessman, and I want to get married. I've had people in my life that believe in possibilities, too, and they helped me to go for my goals. I can hardly believe how many of my dreams have come true...having Down syndrome didn't slow me down! I became a volunteer to help children with disabilities. I was happy to help them with their lunch, recess and reading books. But what I didn't know was that my volunteering would have me nominated a Community Hero and to carry the Olympic Torch for the 1996 Atlanta Games. I was really proud to represent volunteerism and people with Down syndrome. The day I ran with the torch and presented it to the city was amazing. I'll never forget the sound of the crowd as I carried the torch into the amphitheatre. Probably my happiest dream come true it this story. Our fire department started accepting applications for firefighters. I went to meet the chief and told him I wanted to be a firefighter. I filled out the application and then I waited. When I got the call, I've never been so happy. Thirty-two firefighters unanimously voted me in as a probationary firefighter. I went through sixty hours of training. My guys and I decided that when I was on a fire call I would not enter burning buildings; my part of the team was to be the hose, hydrant, and equipment man. I will never forget the day of my first fire; I worked hard to be a good part of my fire team and we worked hard together. I decided it was time to say hello to my next dream; I started acting in the local theatre and performed in over ten musicals in four years. My favorite role was Zebulon in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Theatre put so many songs into my heart. I think every time I performed I got to enjoy my dream a little bit more. All the music and dance from theatre prepared me for my next goal: ice-skating! I compete now in Special Olympics and am so proud to be landing my jumps and spinning. I hope to go to the World Games! The newest exciting part of life that makes everything feel right is that I found "my match!" Her name is Danielle and we are planning to be married in five years. I have an amazing job at an accounting firm, and I feel satisfied. My mom says, "Well, Mr. Rawn, I wonder what dream will be next for you." I smile and say, "I haven't decided yet, but I will let you know when I do." I hope we all believe in possibility, all the time.

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Rebecca, United States, HI
3/2/2013 2:54:05 AM
Go Ian!

Harry Nance, United States, AL
1/24/2012 6:54:29 PM
Do you believe that Syria spying on dissidents?

Paulette Beurrier, United States, FL
7/25/2011 1:40:21 PM
Great story!

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