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Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana

On last Wednesday I went to the Hannah Montana concert and I went with my mom and my 2 best friends, Wendy and Kirsten. First, my mom and I went shopping. It was inside at the concert and she got me a Miley Cyrus key chain and a Miley Cyrus sweatshirt jacket. I also got a T-shirt with Miley Cyrus on it and a Miley Cyrus program. We went to the photo booth and I got my picture taken with Miley on stage and I pretended to use a pretend microphone by doing a pose. Kirsten got her picture taken with Miley on stage, too. We had a great time at the concert. I think Miley sings really good and I love her music. I love the way she sings and I thought her singing was really beautiful. My favorite song she sings is called "See You Again." My Next favorite song she sings is called "GNO" (Girl's Night out). I have a New CD of Miley Cyrus called "The Time of Our Lives." My next favorite song is called "Party in the USA". Miley talked about her movie. It is called "The Last Song." When she sings "When I look at you" she is telling her fans about her new movie. She also sings "Kicking and Screaming". I remember when she sang her song called "Breakout" at her concert. Another song is called "Simple song". I love the way she sings. She also sings "These four walls". I thought her song is beautiful. Her other song she sings called "Fly on the wall". It was a great song that Miley sings. Also she sings "Bottom of the ocean". That song was beautiful too. When Miley came back on stage again she sang "Let's Get Crazy". That was my favorite song ever at the end of the concert. When Miley sang "The Climb" I was standing up with my best friend Kirsten. We were both singing. I remember Miley sang "Hoedown Throw down". I bet Miley did a great job with her singing at St. Louis. I really love supporting Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus. It really means a lot to her since I got her letter in the mail that was in my bedroom at home.

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