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Dominique Olloqui
Dominique Olloqui

This great story is about a beautiful twenty-three year old young lady named Dominique Olloqui who has Down syndrome. If I could tell you one thing, it's that she was sent from heaven to teach us about pure love and courage. My daughter Dominique is a Miracle baby, weighing only three and half pounds. Her progress was slow. At the age of one she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She spent four years fighting this awful disease. At the age of five she finally beat it! With the support of God, family, and doctors, she was cured. Dominique is very lucky. She has the support from both of her parents, her family especially from her brother Chris who she calls her, Hero. Through the years his patience and love has helped her become more independent. At the age of six, she learned to walk and was ready to go to school. In school, her progress was slow but she loved going and making new friends. At the age, of eight, I enrolled her in Girl Scouts of America as well as dance class. She loves music and enjoys dancing. She learned ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop. She still dances and performs with her dance studio. Dominique is a very outgoing young lady. She has a special friend. Her name is Anya. They have been best friends since they were young. They have shared and continue to share very special moments in their lives. In Girl Scouts she learned many different crafts and camping techniques- she now enjoys eating marsh mellows by the campsite. Dominique has been and inspiration to me. This great little brave girl learned how to fight cancer with tenacity not found in many adults. Four years of hospitals, doctors, chemo and many years of check-ups was not easy. She is courageous- a true fighter. When she was sick and could not walk or talk she never gave up. She has given me the power and courage to help her reach her goals. She inspired me to be a better person. I am honored, that I was chosen to be her mother. She taught me that life is precious. Dominique is a normal teenager with a bubbly personality. She is a social butterfly that loves to party! She enjoys the movies, bowling, and loves shopping. She's been to the Hilary Duff and Britney Spears concerts. Dominique goes to school at an adult center where she enjoys being a cheerleader. She models in the schools fashion show and dances in the talent show. Dominique participates in the Special Olympics as a Global messenger. She competes in swimming and soccer. She has earned three gold medals and one bronze. She wants to have a boyfriend, get married and have children. Dominique has blossomed to a beautiful young lady. She is always happy with her bubbly smile. Dominique is still learning and preparing for her future. Her disability has not impaired her ability to function in today's society.

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Nancy Pflum, United States, FL
8/29/2012 6:45:53 PM
I have known Dominique and her whole family since birth. I have never met a family that was so devoted to Dominique. She required more care than you can imagine; never did you hear a complaint. She was watched every day and night in the hospital for 5 years; she was so extremely sick...then came the day the doctors said she was cured, but there were still so many more battles. Dominique got her power of fight, of love, of energy from her wonderful family that was so determined to make her be a beautiful, productive and happy girl that could do things that had never been done before. This family and Dominique never give up.

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