The leading human rights organization for all individuals with Down syndrome.

National Down Syndrome Society
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New York New York 10017
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Hobbies This section of My Great Story features inspirational stories about the arts, gardening, collecting, reading, cooking, as well as other hobbies.
Our Sweet Boy Bubs
Risa Padden, Edwardsville, PA

Heidi's Book
Heidi Halonen, Cokato, MN

Meghan Sings Her Heart Out!
Carrie Adams, Asheville, NC

Katie, the Zumba® Queen
Mary Higgins, Halifax, United Kingdom

My Greatest Accomplishment
Megan Abner, Bonita Springs, FL

Jeanne Dallahi, Londonderry, NH

How I Found My Dream
Steven Sauter, Canton, NY

Shalom from Jerusalem
Suri Goldstock, Jerusalem, Israel

Richard's Story - Just Do It!
Richard Marmolejo, Whittier, CA

Get to Know Someone with Down Syndrome
Angel Marie Hubsmith, Boise, ID

I Have Down Syndrome
Deborah Higdon, Oceanside, CA

Our Very Special Dancer!
Mary Borrello, Elizabeth, NJ

Letting David Go
Paul Kane, Decatur, IL

Grace the Surf Goddess
Grace Mehan, St. Louis, MO

The Nazis Don’t Approve
Jerod Garland, Pella, IA

Princess Sammie
Cathy Ray, Frederick, MD

Emma's Dance
Andrea Steinkamp, New York, NY

The Public Speaker
Sara Wolff, Moscow, PA

My Autobiography
Lisa Schaffel, Oklahoma City, OK

Dominique Olloqui
Patty Olloqui, Miami, FL

This is My Life
Daniel McKinney, Newport, OR

Ian Rawn, The Dreamer
Ian Rawn, Plano, TX

The Monkey King
Ben Savill, Tustin, CA

Hannah Montana
Kristi Newbold, Bloomington, IL

The Pageant
Christy Bates, Normal, IL

I Love Everyone
Joseph Arden, Brooklyn, NY

Starring James Walker
James Walker, El Paso, IL

God Don't Make Junk!
Michael Cardella, Greenwich, NY

Fun with My Sister Jennifer
Darren De Braga, Coral Springs, FL

A Project of His Own
Katie Brunk, Richmond, NH

BGRockerz Dance
Alex Embry, Bowling Green, KY

Lose Weight, Look and Feel Great
Kate Bartlett, Arlington, MA

Mr. 'Right On It'
Joan Rogers, Portland, ME

The Rock Star
Gary Bender, Carbondale, CO

The Best Mom
Jennifer Hinds, Laguna Hills, CA

My Story About Me
Steven Gailing, Stewart Manor, NY

The Flashmob I was in
Kez Glenane, Ballarat, AUS

Meggie's Kitchen
Megan Crandall, Gardnerville, NV

Team Player
Joseph Bettura, Canfield, OH

Cyndi Johnson, Bloomington, IN

Tony Wayne Harms' Story
Tony Harms, Bloomington, IL

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