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The Sweetest Smile
The Sweetest Smile

This story isn’t about me or a child of my own. It's about someone who has become a sister to me. I met Lakrystal almost a year ago singing in a group with five other women; and from the first moment to this one she has been consistant each time we are in connection. She has never changed. Five months ago she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Addison Mackenzie. Shortly after she was born we found out that “Adi Mac” (as she is affectionately known) had Down syndrome. However, that never once changed our love for her. Lakrystal didnt know that when Adi Mac was born she already had five aunts ready and willing to spoil and help her. Im sure, coming into this situation may not have been the easiest, but Lakrystal has handled it with grace and much faith. She has done a marvelous job with Addison, its evident in the light in her eyes when you see her looking at her baby girl. We don’t see Down syndrome when we look at her, we see love and happiness. It may not have always been sunshine and happy trails, but through every toil and test, they have held their heads up all the way through. I am proud and blessed to know and love such sweet people. Addison is always a joy and brings a smile to everyone she encounters. Down syndrome has not and will not stop her from doing whatever dream she chooses to go after. It will not disable her, make her fearful or feel insignificant. She has a strong support system and we will be here always. We will continue to love and show love as she grows. Our hearts are free with joy, in support of our Adi Mac.

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LaKrystal Watson, United States, TX
11/2/2012 4:26:58 PM
Now that I am done crying i can so thank you soooo much. Adi has been such a blessing to all that know her. We are blessed to have a great support system.

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