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Still Best Friends
Andrew and I being goofy while watching a little Barney.
Andrew and I being goofy while watching a little Barney.
Still Best Friends

This is my second submission to My Great Story. My first story is titled, "My Best Friend" and it is about a boy I met my junior year of high school. I have gone off to college now and it has been almost a year since I have seen my best friend. I miss Andrew like crazy. Each day I think of all the wonderful memories we have made together. When I looked at Andrew, I didn't notice a disability. I saw all the amazing abilities he had. He had an amazing personality and could put a smile on anyone’s face. All the pictures and videos on my phone still make me smile, but not like hearing "TAYLOR!" yelled extremely loud by a blue-eyed boy when I walked into the room. No one will ever replace Andrew. He is the kind of person who there will never be another one quite like. I'll never have a friend who was able to understand me better than he did. He knew when I was happy and he knew when I was upset. God truly sent me an angel when Andrew came into my life. I still love you, buddy! Best Friends forever & always!

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