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Santa Runs in the Family
Charlie "Santa" Deloatche and Matty Ray
Charlie "Santa" Deloatche and Matty Ray
Santa Runs in the Family

Each year, the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia (DSANV) throws their annual Holiday Party. Each year, one of the biggest hits is when Santa comes to town, and the kids get a chance to visit with him. And, each year, since I can remember, Santa is played by Brian Deloatche, a member of DSANV and a wonderful volunteer for the organization. This year was no different, as Brian dressed-up in his red Santa outfit and made folks smile. However, one difference is that his son, Charlie, decided to dress up as Santa as well! As dad dutifully answered the wishes of all of the children at the party, Charlie made his way around the party. As Charlie made his way through the crowd, one of the other young members, Matty Ray, ran up to Santa and wanted a photo with the “other” Santa. For many, the photo is a cute one, where two young self-advocates pose for a nice holiday photo. For myself, the photo is a glimpse of the future, when Charlie is playing the real Santa at the DSANV parties, and Matty is stopping by for another good photo.

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11/6/2013 1:04:00 PM
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Anna-Marie York, United States, VA
12/29/2012 8:39:47 AM
A generous heart runs strong in this family!

Cynthia M Fischer, United States, MI
12/28/2012 9:53:58 PM
This cutie patootie will ALWAYS get MY vote!

Nancy Mercer, United States, VA
12/27/2012 10:20:38 AM

Kymberly DeLoatche, United States, VA
12/26/2012 9:10:06 PM
This is my son Charlie dressed as Santa and I couldn't be more proud of him as he follows in his father's footsteps of being a kind and generous person. I am very lucky to be married to "mr. claus" because Christmas is a year long event at my house!

Dean Waldroup, United States, GA
12/26/2012 4:12:00 PM
Wonderful Story!!

sheila erhardt, United States, VA
12/26/2012 1:41:29 PM
Great story

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