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Nikki Blue Eyes
Nikki Blue Eyes

My story is about the little boy which I babysit weekly and how he helped to save my life. Back in January I was severely depressed and became suicidal. Nothing could cheer me up. Then I met Nicholas. Nicholas was 1 at the time and his family was parishioners at my church. Each Sunday at mass I would play with their daughter who was 3 and their son Nikki, who has Down syndrome. Nikki was not very open to people and would often not let people hold him. I was an exception, however. Through getting to know the family at church I began to babysit for the kids once the new baby was born. I could not wait to be finished at school so I could go see Nikki. Because of Nikki I am no longer depressed. I realized what a blessing he is and he never failingly cheers me up. I am now very active in planning a local Buddy Walk annually which his mother runs, I am becoming active with my high schools special education department, and am hosting a Special Olympics day through my Student Council in the Spring. The amazing smile and hugs from an astonishing two year old has drastically changed my life. Nikki, thank you for all you have done and for opening my eyes to how great life really is and to all of the angels on earth that surround me each and every day.

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