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Kinsley My Miracle
Kinsley My Miracle

Kinsley was born April 20th, 2014. Our pediatrician came in the delivery room and told me our baby has a line on her hand that's a sign of Down syndrome. I froze right there. My biggest fear while pregnant. The blood results the next day verified Down syndrome. Why me? Will my daughter be accepted by others? Also, my husband has Early Onset Parkinson's Disease. So I was worried when we first found out if he was going to be able to help me with her in the future. 

It was a very hard time for us, I was having trouble accepting it. She was also born with a hole in her heart called an ASD, but they said it should close up. We have another EKG in August to see if it has. I'm praying it has! 

We have learned to take it one day at a time and I am definitely doing much better now. I am involving myself in everything and anything that deals with Down syndrome. 

Kinsley also has a 10 year old sister ( my husband's daughter through a previous marriage). Her name is Hannah and she loves Kinsley so very much!

Kinsley has already started Physical Therapy and next week she has an appointment with the Down Syndrome Specialist in our area. 

 At first, was having trouble accepting it. But, a few weeks later I realized I was going to be Kinsley’s biggest advocate, best friend and positive impact on her. I regret how I acted in the hospital and realized I should have been happy for my true miracle.

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