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Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake

This is a story of a wonderful 15-(almost-16)-year-old girl named Katelyn. She has changed my life. Katelyn is a member of my church and I have known her since she was little. Her sister is my best friend so I see Katelyn often. I never fully understood the difficulties she had to overcome and quite frankly her condition scared me at first. I didn’t know what she could or couldn’t do and I didn’t know what I could or couldn’t say to her. I know now that Katelyn is amazing. Her parents are commendable for they never let her disability hold her back. They disciplined her as if no disability was even present. She is always a ray of sunshine. Even in the midst of a gloomy day my world brightens as she smiles and reassures me of God’s miracles. There is no one in this world I have more respect for. She is beautiful and it is evident. She has overcome her struggle and she is an encouragement to others to do the same. Katelyn likes to dance with me and I’m not a dancer but you better believe I will dance. Stopping and dancing with her is never a bother but more like an honor. Katelyn is also very generous with hugs. I’m a skinny person and sometimes I feel as if she is about to snap me in half. I don’t mind it though she just reminds me of how wonderfully God created her. She is truly a blessing.

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