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I'm a Better Person Because I Met You
Me and My Audrey
Me and My Audrey
I'm a Better Person Because I Met You

As a senior in high school, we tend to have a lot on our mind; you come into school dragging everything behind you as you trudge to class. It all started my second half of fall semester. I had advanced peer tutoring and I wasn’t really sure how I was going to fit in and do my part. As I was thinking about me, myself and I; I walked into my new class and sat down. Little did I know that my life was going to be impacted in such a way, no one could possibly understand unless it has happened to him or her personally. I met this one young lady, Audrey, and automatically we clicked. It was as if everything I knew about people was false. Audrey has Down syndrome and she is 18 years old. From pitching fits about going to the bathroom and singing her favorite Disney song “Hakuna Matata,” this wonderful, innocent and precious soul captured my heart.

When I first met Audrey, I didn’t know how to act or treat her. I felt that I had to dumb myself down because if I didn’t she would not understand. Boy was I wrong! I started to watch how she talked, how she communicated with others and how she would go throughout her school day. I only had an hour and thirty minutes with her Monday through Friday. So during the week I would try and learn as much as I could about her so that I myself could connect with her on a much personal and deeper level. It was no longer about what I could gain. And that’s never what it should be about for the “normal” people.

Audrey has taught me that no matter what disability or looks someone happened to be born with, it does not reflect what kind of person they are or will become. Audrey has taught me that life could be so much worse than I think it is at times. And she has also taught me a love and a passion for people that I would have never known if I had not met her. I thank her for everyday I had to spend with her, and I thank God that I could be touched by such a loving soul as Audrey’s. 

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