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Bake a Difference
"Bake a Difference" Chefs!
"Bake a Difference" Chefs!
Bake a Difference

My son Noah has inspired me to be a better person. Do better. Give better. Think bigger! He has inspired me to inspire others. That is how the “Bake a Difference” Cookbook came to be at the Embassy Suites Seattle Airport. I am grateful to work for a hotel brand that not only promotes “Making a Difference” in the community, but gave us an opportunity to apply for a grant to help move our project from the “idea” phase to the “reality” phase. This year, we were selected by our hotel brand leaders as one of three finalists for the “I Can Make a Difference” award, and were later chosen by our peers across North America as the overall recipient of $7500! The cookbook is a collaboration between our team members and the Puget Sound Down syndrome community and all of the funds will go towards creating a cookbook that will be filled with favorite family recipes, a bit of family history, and a special something about the members of the Down syndrome community. This, combined with beautiful professional photographs of our friends in the Down syndrome community will prove to be a valuable tool in sharing our families with the community, thus hopefully generating participation in more Puget Sound Down Syndrome Community events. Our intent is to not only promote awareness of Down syndrome and how we share more similarities than differences, but also to generate a continuous flow of revenue that will help this small organization, help others. We felt like we wanted to do more than a one-time donation… we wanted to create a legacy. Noah has truly inspired all of us at the hotel and has given us the drive to give back to our local community. He has a smile that will light up the room and is the cutest little chef you have ever seen! We are thrilled to have the backing of the Embassy Suites brand behind our cookbook project and can’t wait to deliver the final product!

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mary f rief, United States, WA
06/04/2012 13:15:38
love the story!

Donna rios, United States, WA
05/31/2012 02:27:07
We are rooting for you. Good luck! Donna

Karah Wynne, United States, WA
05/30/2012 23:20:03
Way to make amazing things happen, Kristie!!

Desharn Christmas, United States, FL
05/30/2012 20:06:29
Noah you are awesome & you have a super awesome mother!

Jessica Hartung, United States, WA
05/30/2012 19:03:37
You've got my my vote Cousin! :)

Kristie Richardson, United States, WA
05/29/2012 14:59:42
Hi everyone! Thank you SO, SO, SO much for all of your support! Your kind words are inspiring to me and we couldn't make this happen without the backing of our friends and family. I am excited about what is in store for us and I'm looking forward to getting the book out there for everyone to buy!! Thanks means a lot :)

Jodi Wilson , Canada,
05/29/2012 00:37:18
Awesome ! Great work and good luck! ;-)

Carolyn Hutton, Canada,
05/28/2012 23:35:27
You've got my vote!

Christine Kowbel, Canada,
05/28/2012 22:14:52
You and your family continue to inspire, Kristie!

Will Henderson, Canada,
05/28/2012 20:18:10
Good work Sister!

Lori McArdle, United States, WA
05/28/2012 11:59:03
nice job

Violet Bowie, France,
05/28/2012 11:00:07
One word. INCREDIBLE !!!!

Curtis Wilson, Canada,
05/25/2012 09:52:16
Our lil weese is so touching and inspiring to us all!!!!!

Tina, Aysia and Savannah, Canada,
05/25/2012 02:35:39
Kristie you are such an awesome momma! Wishing you the best of luck in everything you do! And a cookbook...I can't think of anyone more fit to do one! Xoxo Tina and girls

Dana Roberts, Canada,
05/24/2012 17:40:32
Very Inspiring! Keep up the awesome work :)

Cherise Hunt, Canada,
05/24/2012 17:35:50
Go Noah! <3

Jayme, United States, WA
05/24/2012 17:11:14
Go Noah x2!

Jen Kennedy, Canada,
05/24/2012 12:26:54
Wow. I can't wait until Grace gets a copy ;) Love you, proud of you. xoxo

william henderson, Canada,
05/24/2012 02:01:34
Go Noah!

Leonna C. Green, United States, GA
05/23/2012 20:06:10
I admire you Kristie. Noah is so blessed to have you in his life.

Bish n Kim n fam...., Canada,
05/23/2012 15:05:25
Woohoo our for our lil....Noah....oxoxox

Maureen Huffman, United States, WA
05/21/2012 19:29:51
We are so very proud of our Kristie!! We are thrilled to be recognized for our partnership with the Puget Sound Down Syndrome Community. Moreover, we are excited about our cook book endeavor and the financial support it will generate for this great cause.

Mikaela, United States, TN
05/21/2012 18:27:11

ken luketic, United States, TN
05/21/2012 18:07:29
Our Grandson

Kendra Luketic, United States, TN
05/21/2012 17:19:45
Wonderful work, Kristie!

karen smith, Canada,
05/21/2012 13:53:07
Kristie you are doing an awesome job with your kids and I admire your dedication to support not just your own son and family but the families of others who share this commonality, keep up the good work.

Pamela Luketic, United States, TN
05/20/2012 16:58:37
I'm so proud of my beautiful daughter-in-law Kristie, who is the perfect Mom for my beautiful and fantastic grandchildren, Brooklynne, Noah, and Nixen. Kristie is a true gourmet cook who can whip up the greatest meals and awe-inspiring desserts in the blink of an eye. I am always so impressed by her exquisite cooking and baking skills! Working on a cookbook will be a natural for such a patient and caring person who also brings families and people together as they sit down to eat together. Thank you, Kristie, for all your hard work to make a difference in the Downs Community and for all the families involved! Thank you! Pam

carla, Canada,
05/19/2012 03:43:11
Way to go bake a difference!! Awesome job I love my handsome lil cousin Noah xo

William Henderson, Canada,
05/19/2012 02:03:45
Awesome job sister and Noah! and the whole team at the hotel! Love you very much sister. I am very proud of you

Kim Hogg, Canada,
05/18/2012 19:09:54
Yea Kristie! Awesome job! Luv and Hugs to you and Noah! Kim

Grace Kennedy, Canada,
05/18/2012 17:42:46
Great job Kristie & team...what a great idea...please let me know when they are available...Congrats xxx

Dan & Janice Quatell, Canada,
05/18/2012 16:55:26
Way to go Kristi and Noah!! What an awesome title for the story!! Noah, and other children like him, continue to make a positive difference in our world!! Well done!!

Betsy Burr, Canada,
05/18/2012 15:38:57
A tribute to all that is good and right with the world! Kudos to Kristi, Noah, the rest of her family, the hotel and everyone who has been involved!! Has to make you smile!!

Gail Weber, Canada,
05/18/2012 14:30:23
Well done Kristi & Noah!!!!!

Gail Weber, Canada,
05/18/2012 14:29:18
Well done Kristi & Noah!!!!

Gail Weber, Canada,
05/18/2012 14:28:12
Well done Kristi and Noah!!!!

Lynne Henderson-Drake, Canada,
05/18/2012 14:11:30
Noah has taught us all and continues to. What a remarkable little man he is and we love him dearly

Terri Henderson, Canada,
05/18/2012 14:02:51
Awesome Kristie! You and your whole family are such an inspiration it brings tears to my eyes! You just always know what to say and when and that is great words of inspiration just like your story! Congrats on everything and love you guys!

Kevin Hogg, Canada,
05/18/2012 13:34:59
Great work Kristie, what you are doing for Noah and the rest of the organization is awesome!

Sean King, President, Puget Sound Down Syndrome Community, United States, WA
05/18/2012 13:09:55
Thank you, Kristie! This project is impactful on many levels, from advocacy to fundraising, and we're proud to be a part of it!

Allyson McCombs, United States, WA
05/18/2012 12:54:07
Kristie, you are such a great example of a parent who advocates for her child and in turn inspires others to be advocates. Thank you!

Sarah Mitchell, United States, WA
05/18/2012 12:47:44
Kristie and the Embassy team have inspired many with their, dedication, time and effort they have put into NDSS foundation the past few years! Great job!

Kristie Richardson, United States, WA
05/18/2012 12:23:50
We are so proud of our team! Look at how fantastic these guys look in their chef's outfits? We couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with...incredibly rewarding :)

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