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My name is Tim Mora and I have Down syndrome. My life has been tough and I truggle everyday. I see people around me that are normal and I just wish why I cant be that way. But now that I is 21 I now understand that there are ways to overcome my problems. I have taken the stand that I am my own person and that I am like eveybody else. Yes I have special needs but I can still do things I am still strong I am still TIM and that means so much in my heart. I is most proud of my strength. I don’t give up. I just cant do it, I wont let myself because I know that that I can always do more and give all that I have. A few weeks ago in my town there was a dance at santa cruz and I had to get a date. I am very nervous because I know that I have a special need and I was afraid that she wont let me take her. But I did not give up and I kept on asking her over and over and over and over and over til she finally let me take her too the dance. I was so happy with the big smile on my face. My friends thought my face wuld come off my face, so I laughed. And the dance was so much fun with her, I so happy. So my great story is that I do not give up and did what I felt and did not think about my needs. Yes I have problem like many others but that did not mean I cant do things like other people. I am like everybody else and I don’t wont cant ever ever ever give up. I be different like 2chans but so what? I am strong and albe it just takes more work and to believe. I believe that eveyone has power and can antthing dey believe if dey jus believe like me. i hope other people beelive and can be strong like me! BY TIM MORA

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