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An Angel Who Helps!
An Angel Who Helps!

My daughter, Skyler, has been more then a blessing in my small town. I do believe she actually knows more people then I do. She is now 12 years old and she is a speed demon who never slows down. After all the doctors told me she will be very lethargic and slow and have a hard time learning. If only she would be as "slow" as they insisted she would be, I would thank God, because I have the hardest time keeping up with her now. If she was any faster, I would have to attach myself to her to keep up. 
Over the last year and half at her school, she has taken on the roll of assisting a boy with severe autism in her classroom. The teachers were amazed at how she took this on without being asked and has helped this boy overcome some communicative and learning challenges. She assists the teachers and actually has a way of calming this boy down in ways no other can relate to. I believe it's her angels eyes and innocent sweet voice that has the effect. 
She makes me so proud and thankful God has given me an angel to share my love with! To all those parents, especially the newer ones, who have a baby with Down syndrome, know that these angels will amaze you. Let them show you in their own way how they are survivors and stronger then most people give them credit for. Do not ever hold them back. Just love them as much as you possibly can and more!

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Tony G. Piontek, United States, LA
9/21/2012 5:00:41 PM
Truly remarkable and a dedicated family you have that takes care of you and the devotion they give you. All this keeps you a challging life to grow into. YES, especailly in your gaurdain angel. He or she will will on your side. ' LOVE HER AS SHE IS.

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