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A Wonderful Friend
Self-Advocate Tony Piontek
Self-Advocate Tony Piontek
A Wonderful Friend

On a nice warm and cool summer day in July I met a good friend and she's Self-Advocate Ms. Jessica Green from Indiana. I met her back in 2008 at my first National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC) Conference through someone else I knew who is a close friend. This other person is her mom, Ms. Lana Green. She's pasionate, caring, understanding and she has abundance of graditude towards others who has a heart full of hope and courage.  She also loves life becasue it's important to prasie young people who can afford hugs of love! I know this a great memory I won't forget. I knew the minute I saw her, Jessica and I will always have wonderful times and I get to someone as a wonderful as she is. Kindness is a way of giving care for one another. Thanks for anyone who ever will read this story.

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Tony G. Piontek, United States, LA
9/21/2012 5:13:52 PM
I know that with time, talent and God's love HE has for us to have freinds who care we support our efforts and come together as as we say FRIENDS ARE FOR- EVER! We give TRUE freindshoip for granted a lot and let's not lose sight of this. Anyone who reads this GREAT story of TRUE FRIENSHIP is kept in God's holy hands HE created and make it meanigful to you know who won't let YOU down and they'lll won't let TYOU down either. THANKS FOR WHO READS MY MESSAGE,

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