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Why Not Us?
Father and Son
Father and Son
Why Not Us?

Already frightened to death to become parents at 22 and 28, we discovered we were having a son with Down syndrome. He is now six months old, and is the most amazing little man. I want to share a post my boyfriend wrote that portrays how blessed and proud we are to be parents: 
"What most of you know is that I am having a baby boy (Max Andrew Maynard). What most of you probably don't know is that he is going to have Down syndrome. At first, yes, we were upset and scared. We were scared just to know we were having a baby, but having a child with special needs is downright nerve racking. With everything that catches you off guard there are steps to be taken to cope with all the feelings. I will admit that I was scared, but it was a calming feeling. We started having feelings of "why us?" Funny thing is now..... I am asking "why not us?" Max will have the best possible life we can provide. We are so excited to be having this child, and it's tough to think about having it any other way. 
It was not intentional to not tell anyone about Max having Down syndrome, and we are not ashamed about it. Please, if you are reading this, we are not ashamed about our baby. It is just kind of hard to tell people about something like this without them feeling sorry for us. It's not that we do not want anyone to know, it's only that we do not feel sorry for us, and do not want anyone else to feel sorry for us. After months of ups and downs, highs and lows, denial and acceptance, Max Andrew Maynard was born 7:27 am December 14, 2011. He was 6 pounds,19 inches long. It was a long wait to see how he was going to do once he came into the world. It was a lot of what if's, could be's, might have to's, to process when all you want to think about is holding your baby. 
He did so well when he was born that I think they were a little shocked by him. He started defying what people were saying from the very beginning. They thought he was going to be born very premature - nope, not Max. There was a chance he would have to have immediate heart surgery, nope not Max. They thought he would have trouble feeding and latching - nope, not Max. I have been telling people that I really hate to hear babies cry, but I will be damned if the minute Max came into the world his crying wasn't the best thing I have ever heard in my entire life. Everything all of us have been through was a culmination of so many fears, feelings, and emotions when he first cried. I loved him when he was inside mommy, now I love him more that he is proving people wrong already."

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Janene, United States, OK
06/19/2012 11:30:55
Very touching <3

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