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What's In a Name?
What's In a Name?

My firstborn child is named Trinity Grace Virgen. If the name sounds as it has religious connotations, that's because it does. Every day, Trinity makes me smile, which is needed in this wild world. Simply put, she is a blessing. And every time I'm reminded of this, I think about the days before Trinity's birth. I think about the several doctors who oh so subtly reminded my wife of the option to terminate the pregnancy. I think about the excitement and fear I had in anticipation of her arrival. But above all, I think about the dream. It is my belief that Trinity came to me in a dream before her birth. Sounds hard to believe, but look into her eyes and you realize that she was put in my life, put in our lives, for a reason. In the dream, I walked through a field, what appeared to be a battlefield; in the distance, I heard a baby's cry. There was hope, I thought. I ran to a home where the baby continued to cry, as if the baby were crying for me. I picked up the baby, who I believe was Trinity, and she stopped crying. Now, when I see Trinity today at 4 years old I realize that I am so happy to have her in my life. I feel happy to know that there was no way we were going to terminate the pregnancy. We had faith that everything would be OK. We had faith that somehow the trinity we believe in would not let us down, and would give us grace, and would send us pure blessings, as pure as a virgin. We can see that in her smile. We can see that in her daily progression, as we see our little girl slowly become a young lady. She displays such love for everyone. When she was 3, I saw that when her first reaction was to help a child who had fallen at a playground. She wanted to make sure the other little one was not hurt. Helping others, making others happy, that's in her nature.

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