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What Really Matters
The love of a sister
The love of a sister
What Really Matters

I was trying to capture the perfect photo for our Christmas card. Every picture I took with various props, just didn't cut it. The lighting was wrong, not everyone was smiling, etc. Then Jack was diagnosed with leukemia and the perfect picture no longer mattered. He was all that mattered. And it turns out, he mattered to so many people, mostly ones we never met. Through Jack's diagnosis and battles, he has touched the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people. He keeps a smile on his face no matter how many needles he's poked with. He can handle the two years of treatment better than anyone we know. We are so proud he is our son. And it turns out that I got the perfect Christmas photo anyway two weeks after being diagnosed - a big smooch from his sister.

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Amy Calo, United States, MA
08/11/2012 07:55:04
What a touching story! I can't imagine. Seems like such a sweet little boy. My heart goes out to all the families out there that have a big challenge and are able to come out and still be on top. God Bless your family! Amy Calo (Friend of Laura Cullity)

Kevin C McKenna, United States, MA
08/09/2012 19:14:34
I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing family at Children,s Hospital on 6 North last year when my son was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. We have a lot in common.I have 1 son with cancer and another with downs.They are truly a wonderful family I always enjoy our talks in clinic.The picture should be titled My Hero NO One Fights Alone. God Bless

Patty Gray, United States, MA
08/09/2012 08:15:49
An amazing inspiration to so many!

Joanne, United States, NH
08/09/2012 01:09:24
He really is an amazing kid Deb! I feel blessed to know Jack! I love your photo. Little Sisters just ROCK!

Paula Sousa, United States, NH
08/08/2012 22:48:21
I met Jack's mom, Debbie, through a meetup group for women that like to play Texas Holdem and meet new friends. She is the official organizer of the group and welcomes everyone warmly. When she talks about Jack and all the challenges her family has been placed with, NEVER once do you ever hear her say "why us". She will always say, God gave Jack to her to help people come together. We should always have a quarter of the strength that her family is faced with day in and day out. The picture of Jack and his sister Haley is what EVERYONE should learn, love knows no illness, just express it and share it as often as you can.

Lynn Burke, United States, VT
08/08/2012 21:26:44
What a wonderful expression of love. .

Sabrina Corpus, United States, MD
08/08/2012 20:18:22
Jack has a magical way of capturing the hearts of everyone he comes in contact with.... this is a beautiful picture and your family is so inspirational Debbie I am blessed that our paths have crossed!!

Kellie Skorupski, United States, MA
08/08/2012 20:10:52
Jack is truly amazing and loved dearly by his sister!!!

Kellie Skorupski, United States, MA
08/08/2012 20:09:16
Jack is truly amazing, and loved dearly by his sister!!!

Pamela Rodriguez, United States, NH
08/08/2012 19:32:59
this picture is awesome! How loved is Jack, especially by his sister!!

Barbara S. Brown, United States, NH
08/08/2012 14:18:26
A picture IS worth a thousand words...

Duffy Martin, United States, MA
08/08/2012 13:58:17
This is amazing!

Christine Martin, United States, VT
08/08/2012 13:46:25
Beautiful moment!

Kim Elliott, United States, NH
08/08/2012 13:34:16
We love Jack!

Barney Gallassio, United States, NJ
08/08/2012 13:27:16
Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. GOOD LUCK

Kate Dion, United States, MA
08/08/2012 13:27:03
Just beautiful Debbie, You too are an inspiration to me! Fondly, Kate

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