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Uncle with Down Syndrome Saves Toddler Nephew
Uncle with Down Syndrome Saves Toddler Nephew

An Uncle with Down syndrome rescues toddler nephew A potential pool tragedy was recently averted due to the heroic actions of Timothy Spear, a long time Redlands resident and young adult with Down syndrome. With several family members swimming in their Redlands family pool, and with several other adults watching over the pool play, 3 year old toddler Isaac Wilson, slipped off the large shallow step and began to sink. That horrifying moment was noticed by Isaac’s Uncle Timothy, who immediately swam over to rescue his beloved nephew. Timothy’s strength and swimming abilities enabled him to grab his nephew and bring him safely back to the shallow step as incredulous family members were stunned with what had just occurred. ‘It all happened so fast’, recalled Ken Spear, Timothy’s father. ‘All of us had been intently watching the little ones constantly all afternoon, but in that one brief moment Isaac got too close to the edge of the step and slipped off into the deeper water. Timothy’s immediate actions really saved the day.” Timothy gives credit for his rescue to his Lord. ‘Jesus told me to hurry and go save Isaac, so I did. He gave me all the power and strength I needed.’ Timothy’s sister (and young Isaac’s mother), Kelly Wilson, was overcome with emotion as she recalled the heroic actions of her brother. ‘Timothy has always been a great blessing to our family, but what he did today once again shows that for us he will never be defined by his so called disability. He is truly defined only by his unconditional love for everyone and his monumental faith. My brother will always be my hero.’ Timothy is certainly no stranger to the water. For several years he has competed in Special Olympics swimming and has been crowned a division California State Champion in the 25 yard freestyle 4 times. ‘We’ve all known for years that Timothy is a gifted swimmer, but he’s never taken any water lifesaving classes. We now know that The Lord was preparing him for this heroic moment. We are incredibly proud of our Timothy, he is a very, very special person and now a bona fide hero as well’, says father Ken Spear.

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