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Umma's Boy Theo
Umma's Boy Theo

On March 26, 2005 God sent our family the most precious gift- my grandson Theo! He weighed only 3 and 1/2 lbs and from the first moment I looked at him he stole my heart! He had a battle to fight right from the start needing bowel surgery only a couple days old and heart surgery would follow within the next few weeks. He came through both like a trooper and showed us what a little fighter he was going to be! Don't ever give up Theo as we will never give up on you! Only a few days after heart surgery and not even 4 lbs yet this little miracle was ready to come home and had the biggest smile on his face. You would have never known he had just gone through such an ordeal a few days before! It was that day that changed my life forever! I thought if this precious little soul can come through all of this already in his short life, there is nothing that I can't get through especially if he's there smiling at me! He makes my heart smile every day! Theo or as we sometimes call him "TT" continues to be our family's inspiration! His love is something that makes us all better people and his smile lights up a room and warms all our hearts like nothing else! He attends school and is doing well and really likes his ride to school on the bus! He has a 3 yr old sister Zoe who he loves and his doggies Cooper and Bubba. He has wonderful parents who take such great care of him! His Nana lives with him also and he has many Aunts, Uncles and cousins who are all involved in his life and all love him very much! I'm Gramma but he calls me Umma, a name I will cherish forever as it's a special name one of God's little angels has given me! He likes to come over to Umma and Papa's house and we love it when he's with us! He likes to play ball with Papa and hide seek with me and he loves Barney, we watch Barney shows with him but what he loves the most is music, any kind of music. He likes me to sing with him. I know he will always teach us all more than we will ever teach him! I look forward to seeing him achieve all that I know he is going to! I just pray that God lets me see it all! I couldn't imagine my life with out this special, loving little guy in it! You Light Up My World Theo! Love You, Your Umma- and Papa too! :)

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