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True Colors
This Is My Amazing Brother
This Is My Amazing Brother
True Colors

As my hands flow from one piano key to another, I instantly hear my eight-year-old brother Chaim’s tiny footsteps while he runs towards the living room to sing along with my piano playing. I begin play the notes of one of his favorite songs, “True Colors” by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly. The moment he hears the melody, Chaim’s almond shaped eyes crease into a straight line to make room for his gigantic smile to light up his face. The piano bench makes a loud creak while he shifts it to sit right next to me. Chaim’s small left hand finds its way to my back to sway with me while he starts to sing. And after a few seconds, I look at my beautiful brother sitting there, singing the chorus that says, “But I see your true colors shining through, I see your true colors and that's why I love you.” Suddenly the words of the song, I had listened to so many times, come to life in my mind and opens up the door of inspiration. Chaim has Down syndrome but it is not all he is. My family and I look at his true colors; his intelligence, his talents and his plethora of love. When I look at Chaim, I see all that he has accomplished, and then I recognize his disability; to me it comes second. Chaim is a unique boy of many interests that surprise the people around him every day. He plays baseball, basketball, does his homework, sings all the prayers in Synagogue each Saturday, and sings while I play piano. While many people in the world may look down on Chaim, have pity for what he lacks, I look up to Chaim and see all that I have gained from his true colors shining each moment. His determination in everything he does proves to those who doubt his abilities, that he can succeed. And to me, he deserves more than anyone I know, to be accepted in society, without Down syndrome defining him. Now Chaim looks up at me with excitement in his eyes while he finishes the song “True Colors.” He sings, “So don’t be afraid to let them show your true colors, true colors are beautiful like the rainbow.” Chaim is not held back by Down syndrome. He embraces it and shines brighter than anyone I know. He shows his true colors to the world, and I hope the world will see this as well.

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Larry King, United States, PA
8/30/2013 2:00:25 PM
A beautiful tribute to a much-loved sibling. Their respective gifts will enable both to keep enriching the lives of others for many years to come.

Jenn Feiss, United States, PA
8/27/2013 11:31:44 PM
Beautiful boy!

Judi Reiss, United States, PA
8/27/2013 11:30:23 PM
What beautiful words from a loving sister

bekka hyman, United States, NJ
8/27/2013 8:16:19 PM
awesome story rel!

Nanc Fellerman, United States, NJ
8/26/2013 11:45:44 AM
Wonderfully written by a sibling of a special child. I am a speech/language pathologist. Not only has his sister brought him happiness through music and language she has brought him a social skill of the present. Chaim can more actively participate with the community. Mazel Tov to this family. I see their True Colors.

rivki kumer, United States, NY
8/22/2013 2:17:15 PM
what a cutie!!

Geffie Kornhauser, United States, PA
8/22/2013 1:07:43 PM
so inspirational arielle!

Gittie Kohn, United States, NJ
8/22/2013 12:34:30 PM
Arielle, I always knew your amazing and this just shows it even more! I'm amazed at you ... wow!! Thinkin of you!

Bethany landis, United States, NE
8/16/2013 4:50:25 PM
I am in love with this article! This proves that kids can be adorable with a disability! Thank you to the lady who wrote this!!!!!!!!!!!

shevy jacobs, United States, NY
8/15/2013 2:30:37 PM
I know the author personally and have seen how much respect they give towards their brother. The energy and happiness the family portrays is outstanding. They are true role models.

Arthur Gordon, United States, IL
8/12/2013 10:08:08 AM
Wonderful expression of how to see another person. We can apply it to all people and not see shortcomings but notice the positive in everyone. Thanks for writing with such beautiful feeling.

Avraham Lehr, United States, NY
8/9/2013 1:29:24 PM
Truly amazing!

Chana Krengel, United States, NY
8/9/2013 11:03:28 AM
Arielle, this article is absolutely beautiful! What an incredible people you and your family are to see the treasure that Chaim is!

Chani Meyerowitz, United States, MD
8/9/2013 10:24:04 AM
Arielle, this article is beautifully and eloquently written and so true! The message is powerful, and straight from your heart! I hope that you win this contest so that many others can benefit from your amazing work :)

stacey goldman, United States, PA
8/9/2013 9:46:37 AM

Patti Riley, United States, PA
8/9/2013 7:37:06 AM
Beautiful Family!!!

Sue O'Mullan, United States, PA
8/8/2013 6:33:06 PM
Truly a lovely read! Makes my heart sing! He is a person first! He has so much to offer this world, if we would only let him! We would learn so much from him in lieu of corporate corruption, hate, immoral doings, etc. Thank you for writing and sharing!

Alina Christy, United States, PA
8/8/2013 6:15:17 PM
Adorable description... a real love from a sister to her brother... Love you Chaim!!

Leshia Duncan, United States, DE
8/8/2013 5:53:18 PM
I am a twin sister to a wonderful down syndrome brother. If only the world would know what joy special need children/adults have to offer! Yes, they have their challenges but who doesn't? One of the great things about my brother is that I never had to worry about having someone to go to the movies with or just to go out with as he was always ready to go and do whatever and we had fun! When I had my baby daughter and needed a babysitter while I worked, he and my Parents volunteered. She would sit in her little swing and say uncle Lee, swing more and Lee would swing her until she was finished or asleep whichever came first. He never tired or got bored doing it either. The stories are endless as are their hearts! I believe the children have a special place in GOD'S heart and they are gifted with an endless supply of love. What a joy and we are blessed!

Rebecca Salzman, United States, PA
8/8/2013 5:04:53 PM
This is such a touching and loving story. I remember Arielle as a middle school student and always heard and felt her love for her family. She is truly a talented young lady.

menachem siegal, United States, NJ
8/8/2013 1:51:02 PM

Erika Sharp, United States, CA
8/8/2013 9:50:26 AM
Great story! I hope everyone can se those wonderful colors!

Sherri Klemow Shevlin, United States, PA
8/8/2013 9:25:07 AM
Chaim is a remarkable person, he is gifted in the art of music and recognition. He chants all of the songs in Hebrew without knowing how to read Hebrew. He has done this since age 2. This is a beautiful story, but most of all this is a beautiful family.

Sarah Clark, United States, MI
8/8/2013 8:47:56 AM
beautiful :) my son has DS and u are completely right that the disability doesn't define who they are!!

odelya shokron, Israel,
8/8/2013 8:41:37 AM

Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach, United States, PA
8/8/2013 8:28:18 AM

Erica (Stern) Hyman, United States, NY
8/8/2013 12:10:52 AM
Beautiful piece! Way to go Arielle and Chaim!

Ruth Rosenberg, United States, PA
8/7/2013 11:46:05 PM
Beautiful essay and absolutely true!

Chaya Perel, United States, NY
8/7/2013 11:24:39 PM
Arielle, Wow! It is obvious to everyone what an incredible bond you and your brother, Chaim share. I am so impressed. Your essay is heartwarming and beautiful.

Mm, United States, NJ
8/7/2013 11:01:14 PM

Cathy Trapani , United States, NJ
8/7/2013 10:51:31 PM
Wow, very inspiring!

Simi levitt, United States, PA
8/7/2013 10:36:20 PM
This really moved me absolutely amazing and so so beautiful. Im truly inspired.

Ilene Cullman, United States, PA
8/7/2013 10:31:49 PM
What a beautiful tribute for a sibling to write about his brother. Very heartwarming !

Joan rubin-kritz, United States, PA
8/7/2013 9:48:18 PM
a wonderfully written, true story of an amazing boy who inspires all who know him...his musical sister along with his other siblings and his parents are also an inspiration to others facing challenges...

Keren, United States, CA
8/7/2013 9:03:19 PM

Margret Tuna, United States, AK
8/7/2013 8:25:52 PM

Sara cohen, United States, NY
8/7/2013 7:59:42 PM
Amazingly written.... Beautiful and touching story!

Naomi Reses, United States, PA
8/7/2013 7:23:39 PM
Beautiful essay!

Becky T, United States, FL
8/7/2013 7:20:59 PM
You are 200% correct. This is wonderfully written and completely factual. Chaim is a true inspiration to everyone. He never ceases to amaze me each time I see him. I know great things are yet to come his way. With the complete support and love from his wonderful family the sky is the limit. His love and compassion and kind heart are boundless. He is a joy to be with and love. Thank you, Arielle for such a wonderful story about Chaim. You are also the one with true colors. We love you.

neil friess, United States, FL
8/7/2013 6:24:55 PM
The words are beautiful and the sensitivity should be felt by anyone reading this story.

MADELINE, United States, NY
8/7/2013 2:59:32 PM

dianne mills, United States, PA
8/7/2013 1:18:02 PM
That was so nice! What a great family.

chanz kahn, United States, MI
8/7/2013 1:11:53 PM
Arielle, beautiful story! Chaim is truly an amazing and so is the rest of your family!!

sarit david, Israel,
8/7/2013 12:37:03 PM

Joan Friess, United States, FL
8/7/2013 12:28:17 PM
This is a wonderful story told from the heart. Chaim is a wonderful boy and Arielle captures her brother in his true light with much love. Bravo Arielle!

Naomi Robin, United States, NY
8/7/2013 11:29:38 AM
Hey Arielle, I'm not sure if you know this but I volenteer with kids that have special needs this is a great message and beautiful story. Chaim's smile is so contagious, he adorable. Love, Naomi (DU, and the zone staff)

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