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Three Things
Three Things

Perspective, Love, and God. Three things, among many, that I've learned more about in the past year than I have in 25 years of life. My beloved son Judah Christian was born on August 19, 2008 and, unbeknownst to me at the time, had Down syndrome. Returning home a couple weeks after Judah's birth was a more-bitter-than-sweet reality. Hospital life was actually easy compared to watching my expectations of Judah's life, of our new life together, crumble before my eyes. It was an adjustment then and still is now, however a little easier. What has begun to matter are small victories and at times, when I'm paying attention, miracles. The things I deem important have changed. Judah gave me perspective. There is something amazing about the love of a mother, isn't there? If you knew me, you'd agree that Judah's life has broken barriers and granted me the ability to love and care for someone in a way I never knew existed. I'm learning that love is sacrifice, love is intentional and, of course, love is unconditional. Judah has given me love. The name Judah means "praise or God's praise". My husband Jeff and I had the named picked out long before his birth, only understanding in part, the child we'd be given. From the moment Judah took his first labored breath, God's angels have been at his side. He's overcome multiple surgeries (one life-threatening) feeding tubes, oxygen tanks, and hospitalizations, all the while bringing joy to every person with which he comes in contact. God delights in Judah, Judah is God's praise. I've come to realize that Judah's life will be much less about him, though I know he'll do wonderful things and accomplish much, and more about how he'll impact other people. I'm beginning to understand that the scope is much broader than I'd initially thought. Judah's in the business of changing lives. His story is just beginning and I'm so thankful, honored even, that I've been chosen to be a part of it.

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