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Then There Were Two...
Courtney and Joshua
Courtney and Joshua
Then There Were Two...

This is a poem about my daughter, Courtney, who has Down syndrome and my son, Joshua, who has Autism:
A baby girl on the way
What a glorious day
They showed me her sweet face
Then out the door they raced
Hours went by without a word
The doctor came and we finally heard
Down syndrome is what she had
Our hearts were so sad
Medical terms thrown left and right
The tears I could not fight
After three months, surgery fixed her heart
And for us all, healing finally did start
Fast forward, two years
Once again more tears
This time, tears of joy
Caused by the birth of my boy
To God I said "Thank You"
Because now there were two
Our new family I adored
Who could ask for anything more
For that while
Oh, how our hearts smiled
Life was perfect in every way
Until we heard the news on that dark day
No eye contact, very little speech
Lost in a world we could not reach
Branded with the Autism label
Now he too, considered disabled
Fast forward two more years
Yes, there are still fears
Will kids be cruel
When they attend school? 
Will my daughter ever talk? 
Will people always gawk? 
Will my son ever mind being in a crowd? 
No matter what, I am still so proud! 
Two little hearts full of love 
Each day I thank the good Lord above 
Although we face different challenges each day 
Our days are no longer gray 
Whatever life has in store 
We believe blessings will pour 
We know God will get us through 
Because it is He who gave us these two

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