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The Story of Our Son, Keevon Moore
The Story of Our Son, Keevon Moore

Hello. My name is Candice and my husband Kelvin and I would like to share our story about our three-year-old son Keevon. Keevon was born September 26, 2009.No one knew that our baby would be born with Down syndrome. Keevon was born five weeks early and weighed 5lbs 15oz. When Keevon was born he was having trouble breathing so immediately he was placed the NICU unit for almost two weeks. I remember being scared when finding out he was in NICU. We weren’t able to hold him for a couple if days and I hated going home without him so everyday we went to see him. I remember the doctor telling us our baby may have Down syndrome but they would have to run a test to confirm it. Finally, a few days later, he was positive for Down syndrome. I couldn’t do anything but cry. I put it in god’s hands, but we were scared. Keevon had to be able to eat before coming home and almost two weeks after him being in NICU we got a surprising phone call saying our baby could come home. Keevon had to have an N-J tube in his nose due to aspiration. Keevon eventually got sick and we found out he had respirator syncytial virus (RSV) and a staff infection. We met Dr. Judy Gay and it seemed like she had a magic wand and he was better. She suggested we do surgery to put a G-tube in his stomach and that was the best thing we could’ve done for him. Keevon has asthma and heart disease but he’s doing excellent and he is very smart. Keevon knows how to say “eat,” “I love you” and “more” in sign language he’s also talking up a storm. Keevon goes to school and he can crawl and walk when holding on to things. He is just doing so much and he is a very smart and beautiful baby. I want to thank his pediatrician for taking excellent care of him - thank you Dr. Gay, you are the best. First and foremost we would love to thank god. This is the story of our beautiful son Keevon.

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