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The Miracle of Jordan
Vacation in Hawaii
Vacation in Hawaii
The Miracle of Jordan

His name was chosen before his diagnosis. Jordan (down-flowing or descending) David (beloved). 
Our little guy is a miracle to be here. We were told by a doctor that we would only have a child with a donor. They were wrong and God gave us a miracle, Jordan David! When Jordan was one day old, he had to have major surgery. His surgeon was a wonderful man. Dr. Skinner came out of the surgery, and said, “It was all in God’s hands." He was only an instrument. 
A couple of weeks later, Jordan’s liver was still not functioning so Dr. Skinner ordered some tests. When the results came back, another surgeon delivered the results. He stated that Jordan would need surgery immediately, and that even with this surgery, Jordan would need a liver transplant by the time he was in his late teens. We wanted to talk to Dr. Skinner, but we were told if we wanted a second opinion, then we would have to take Jordan home. Then we could bring him back to the hospital when Dr. Skinner returned. Shocked by the news of all this information, we took Jordan home. 
We went from having all the monitors and alarms that went off when his breathing and heart beat weren’t quite right, to sitting there at home watching his every breath the whole night long! We couldn’t sleep! We were still shocked by how we were just sent home. It turns out was all part of God’s plan! 
When Dr. Skinner returned from his vacation, more test were run. Miraculously, the test results revealed Jordan’s liver was working! No surgery was needed. Hallelujah! Not even medication was needed. Our beautiful baby boy was once again a miracle! I know that God has “big plans” for Jordan! 
Looking back, it was the exact moment the doctor told us Jordan’s diagnosis, when I realized everything was going to be okay. The doctor told us he has Down syndrome, and I had tears welling up inside. Then the doctor said, “So, he won’t be a doctor or a lawyer.” A calm feeling came over me and I chuckled to my husband, “Neither are we!” I knew at that moment everything would be okay! I told Jordan from that moment on, “You can do anything you want to do! (As long as Mama and Daddy say it is okay.)”

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