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The First Time Nate Spoke to Me: Written by Nonny
Nate and his Nonny
Nate and his Nonny
The First Time Nate Spoke to Me: Written by Nonny

This past weekend,when Crista, Eric, and Nate were visiting for a glorious five days, Nate spoke to me. Now, I had seen Nate sign words and more recently, actually say words. Many of these times the speaking had been a response for a request to "bandstand" for us. For example, we would go, "what does an owl say," and Nate would intelligently respond with something that sounds like "who cooks for you!" Or we would say, "say hi," and Nate would shyly say in a little voice, "hi." But on Saturday night, he actually spoke to me, completely unprompted. I was getting him ready to go to bed by rocking him and singing to him. Foolishly, I thought any song would do. I began singing practice pieces from the choir I sing in. At one point, I sleepily lapsed into "la,la,la" when I heard a little voice slowly and quietly say, "luga, luga." Suddenly I got it. He wanted me to sing Baby Beluga! So I quickly switched into a much more formal singing mode and broke into Baby Beluga. Every once in a while, Nate would join in. Perhaps it was just my own vanity, but I had the sense he was thinking, "Gosh my Nonny is smart. She understands me and can sing any song I ask of her!" I hope this is just the beginning on many long conversations with my grandbean!

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Jane Vettori Snyder, United States, MD
3/15/2011 2:24:20 PM
Great story that shares a great moment!

Karen Chase, United States, VT
3/9/2011 5:42:29 PM
Such a sweet story and a beautiful picture!!

Bruce Feindel, United States, MA
3/9/2011 6:46:37 AM
He is a smart little "Bean"!

Ruth Manna, United States, MA
3/9/2011 6:11:50 AM
What a sweet story!

Janis Ellis, United States, MD
3/8/2011 11:12:06 PM
very very cool!!!

Jennifer Friedl, United States, VA
3/5/2011 7:54:27 AM
I love this - love love love.

susan m quinn, United States, VT
3/4/2011 11:45:32 PM
how sweet :)

Leslie Bock, United States, NJ
3/4/2011 8:43:13 PM
: )

Julie Chase, United States, MA
3/4/2011 7:28:17 PM
What a nice story!

Crista Yagjian, United States, VT
3/5/2011 12:32:54 PM
~Love this story mom! So grateful our little Bean was welcomed into our family with such loving arms! ~Crista

Marsha, United States, PA
3/5/2011 12:32:54 PM
So much love abides within your words, Donna. Keep writing!

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