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The Best Bro
Guillermo, age 6
Guillermo, age 6
The Best Bro

My brother, Guillermo, is only fourteen months older than me. He's my big brother and I'm his little sister, yet I'm the one who protects him. There is not a day that goes by that I don't feel pain of knowing his future depends on someone other than himself. Of knowing he cannot be entirely independent of anyone's hand. And it is because of this constant reminder that I drive to be someone. To achieve something. To make something of myself, not for my personal glory or pride or ego, but to give him something in exchange for everything he has blessed me with. In a lame effort to repay him for all he has given me. His unconditional, sincere, genuine, and abundant love, his innocent and exaggerated laughs, his beautiful and frustrating stubbornness, his warm hugs, his loud and inconsistent singing, and his sweet smiles and giggles. He's taught me the best lessons in life: the simplest ones. And he is my biggest inspiration because of it. The bond we share runs thicker than blood. I'm his number one fan, and he's mine. He's always by my side and in my heart, and for him, I work for a future for the both of us. Who he is, makes me who I am today. He's my big brother; words cannot describe how much I love him, so I won't try. I hope my actions will be able to show him.

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Julie Cyree, United States, TN
5/30/2011 6:19:22 AM
I love this story because I too am the younger sister taking care of my wonderful brother who has down syndrome. It does have a lot of challenges that most people will never understand, but at the end of the day, the blessings that I have received just b

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