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Special Miracles
My Special Miracle Colton Ryder Moyer
My Special Miracle Colton Ryder Moyer
Special Miracles

In early January, I decided to launch a Facebook page dedicated to my son Colton Ryder, who had been diagnosed with Down syndrome soon after his birth the previous September. The goal was to update family and friends about his growth and development. However, what started out as a personal website quickly turned into a vibrant journey of advocacy attracting thousands of fans nationwide. Hence the birth of Special Miracles – individuals genetically enhanced with the 21st chromosome. When my son’s diagnosis was confirmed, I was devastated. I had no knowledge about Down syndrome. What came to my mind was the stereotypical image: Thick neck, protruding tongue, large staring eyes, mental delays and a multitude of health problems. Fear of the unknown took over and my heart ached. I then decided to read and learn as much as I could about the diagnosis and found out was that it was the total opposite of what I had envisioned. I came to the realization that it was not a tragic event, it was a blessing and a life changing experience, but I was also very saddened to learn that the termination rates of a pregnancy due to a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome are way over 80%, mainly due to the overwhelming fear and misconceptions surrounding Down syndrome. That was when I also decided that I needed to promote awareness and tell the world my story. It is my goal. However, I had no idea that in less than two months, Colton’s inspired website would attract over ten thousand fans. Soon after the launch of Special Miracles, emails began pouring in. Parents from all over the country were eagerly sharing stories and pictures of their own Special Miracle. In fact, one of the little Special Miracles that was featured and shared through our Face book page went viral and received close to ninety thousand likes in one week. The goal of Special Miracles is to advocate and create awareness about Down syndrome, to offer support to parents who are new to the Down syndrome diagnosis, to share the wonderful things our loved ones with Down syndrome are doing and to advocate on behalf of those who cannot advocate for themselves; those who are diagnosed prenatally. Education is a must in order to eradicate the fear that any new or expectant parent and family has about Down syndrome. Every life is precious. This ongoing journey has also inspired me to start a clothing line displaying positive attributes and qualities that come with the extra chromosome. Examples and the Facebook link can be found by visiting “Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times.” - unknown

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