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Skyler: My Hero
My angel face
My angel face
Skyler: My Hero

I was five months pregnant when they told me she has Down syndrome. My geneologist suggested I not keep her. With all the bad things they were telling me would happen to her I still chose to keep her, and I'm glad I did. Skyler is my pride and joy. From the time she was born Skyler was famous, she was the baby with the tinniest lips, smaller than a bottles nipple, soon word spread all over the hospital nurses and doctors from all shifts came to my room to see the baby with the tiny lips right then I knew she was going to be a show stopper. With her glowing eyes and dimples, she is very hard to resist. Skyler loves to sing and dance. She loves Justin Bieber, aim a camera at her and she is ready to perform. Skyler is a country girl at heart she loves fishing and climbing trees, and she isn't afraid to touch a worm either. When we go to Grandma and Papa's house in the country she takes her shoes off and runs barefoot, so she can feel the dirt and mud squoosh between her toes. Skyler has four brothers so she has no problen body slamming a kid and telling them what for if they make her mad. Being the only girl in the house Skyler is my road dog, we go every where together, shopping etc. We run into all sorts of people some accepting of her and some others who ask insulting questions. Once a lady came up to us and asked me if Skyler was deaf and dumb, I didnt even have to answer her Skyler looked at the lady and said uuhh and growled at her, rolled her eyes and walked away, so I said well there's your answer rolled my eyes and walked right behind Skyler. Skyler is my pride and joy, I wouldn't of asked God to make her any other way.

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Debra ScottSharp, United States, DE
8/27/2011 12:10:48 PM
Beautiful story!! Beautiful Skyler!!

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