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Sisterly Love
Kylie and Aila
Kylie and Aila
Sisterly Love

Every day I get to wake up to two beautiful little girls. Aila is my oldest and she's three years old. Kylie is my youngest and she's one year old. Kylie has Down syndrome. We found out about five minutes after she was born. I, of course, had the thoughts of her future, other people, and the normal thoughts that go through your head when you hear news like this but I took one look at her and made the decision to love her no matter what. I can never judge someone for being themselves. She needs me and I need her. I believe that if God didn't want me to have this miracle then he wouldn't have chosen me to give her to! The thought of how Aila will take it never crossed my mind. You never know how things will go for them even being that young. Aila surprised my husband and I by welcoming Kylie with open arms and not letting anything tell her different of her Kylie. 

Now, a whole year of Kylie in her life has changed Aila to be such a caring and loving little girl. I sit sometimes and watch them together when their on the floor playing. Aila makes sure that if she cries she gets a toy or a bottle that will help Kylie feel comfort. Kylie is starting to crawl and Aila is so encouraging by helping her and cheering her on! They both are amazing kids but I think having Kylie and her strong will to show that she is an amazing little girl, is a joy for everyone who meets her. I say I lucked out when Kylie was born because Aila took her in without judgment and wanted her to be her little sister. Kylie is so strong willed and has surprised her doctors by showing them that she is going to prove them wrong with every step she makes. She changes everyone's idea of Down syndrome and lets them understand that it's a gift that only so many of us can see and live. Every day is a challenge but I think you need to look at it as a great adventure instead.

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Theresa LeBlanc, United States, MA
2/14/2011 7:10:52 PM

Melissa Morales, United States, MA
2/15/2011 1:24:18 PM
Alicia and her husband are blessed with the most wonderful two daughters ever Aila and my goddaughter Kylie. Alicia has taught her daughters how to love one another and others with open arms and to never pass a judgment on anyone. She is an amazing mom

Alma Seward, Canada,
2/15/2011 10:24:20 AM
Alicia has proven that having a disablility is only a disablility if you label to be as such. She has taught her daughters that there are no barriers unless you put them there. Congrates to a wonderful mom for being so blessed with 2 beautiful little girl

Kristin Boudreau, United States, MA
2/15/2011 9:23:47 AM
I love you Kylie and Alia

Kathleen Rabold, United States, MD
1/24/2013 11:40:42 AM
Right on! Your children have a precious GIFT! You- their mother...because you get it! Your littlest IS a gift. You can take one look at her big sister and see that your baby inspires love. I commend you for you attitude; it's so refreshing.

Kristi Goodman, United States, AL
1/14/2013 12:22:09 PM
Thank you for sharing your story. We have a son named Zeke who is 9 yrs old who has downs. We have an older son who is ten years older than Zeke and it was amazing to me the way Jake and all his friends accepted him. And then I was amazed again when he started school. Every day with Zeke is a blessing and like you I too am glad we were chosen to be the "special" parents of this wonderful child.

Jessica Archuleta, United States, NM
1/13/2013 12:29:44 PM
The bond these two girls share will last a lifetime and they will be best friends until the end of time. I, also, have a little sister with Down Syndrome and she is the greatest gift God has ever blessed me with. Your daughters have beautiful souls and your family is immensely blessed by them!

Pauline Humphries, United States, NY
1/13/2013 11:31:19 AM
Hi, beautiful story and I could not agree with you more. There is nothing like sisterly love. I have two girls, my oldest is 21, and my youngest is 17 and she has down syndrome. Our oldest daughter has been as equal a gift to our youngest daughter. The bond they share is unbreakable.

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