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She is a Miracle!
We are Miracles Tiny Miss Queen- 2013
We are Miracles Tiny Miss Queen- 2013
She is a Miracle!

Zoë is a miracle in every sense of the word. She was immensely loved before she was ever created. We waited many years for her arrival. Unable to conceive on our own, we prayed fervently for a miracle and ended up qualifying for a study where I received IVF. We only had one chance for it to work, and with that one chance, I got pregnant! My pregnancy went beautifully for many months. However, late in the spring, doctors started becoming concerned about Zoë’s size. I was measuring on track but Zoë was very small. I traveled to Houston for more testing and monitoring. There was more concern on the size of my placenta. At 34 weeks my doctors decided they could wait no longer and delivered Zoë via c-section. She weighed in at 3lbs 9oz and 17 inches long. But she was strong. She only needed a few hours under an oxygen hood in the NICU before she was breathing all on her own. Doctors were dumbfounded after her delivery as her umbilical cord was extremely short and thin. My placenta was very small and already becoming rigid. They had never seen a placenta in such poor condition that had resulted in a live birth. In another week, Zoë could have been stillborn. The pediatricians were astounded at how strong Zoë was, especially since I had not been given steroid shots to accelerate her lung development. One week after her birth, doctors became concerned that Zoë may have Down syndrome. She had two markers, the single transverse palmar crease and slightly upward slanted eyes. Although many other family members had this crease, doctors wanted to be sure. Tests confirmed that Zoë did indeed have Down syndrome, But she didn’t have many of the other characteristics sometimes seen in babies with Down syndrome. About half of babies born with Down syndrome have heart problems. Zoë’s heart is strong. Babies with Down syndrome typically have low muscle tone and can sometimes be lethargic. Zoë kicked and stretched and was incredibly active. Her NICU nurses wanted her to settle down so she would gain weight! Babies with Down syndrome sometimes have trouble eating and can risk choking. Zoë missed that memo. She ate like a champ and didn’t spill a drop. Zoë is now two years old and she is exceeding all our expectations. She is walking and babbling, nonstop. She has lots to say about this beautiful world she lives in. She loves meeting new people. In fact, this little girl NEVER meets a stranger. She is the greatest joy we have ever experienced! Zoë Mykael Boughan is a miracle in every sense of the word!

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