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Rebeca Esther 'My Standing Blessing'
Rebeca with a princess dress as she says
Rebeca with a princess dress as she says
Rebeca Esther 'My Standing Blessing'

As every surprise, Rebeca Esther came to our family fulfilling our lives with questions and worries. All of them disappearred one by one as I had her for the first time between my arms. She was so tiny, fragile and strong at the same time; that I was moved to say a word of blessing to her at this exact moment. I remember myself saying: "Lord, this is my daughter Rebeca Esther, I decree and declare that she is going to be a singer to your glory and she is going to be a blessing anywhere she stands, Amen." We struggled as champions against the rejection hidden behind faith and we started to learn how to learn. Rebeca was a healthy girl compared to other kids with Down syndrome and she didn't develop any severe health conditions that were expected based on that. At one week of age she already was forcing herself to put her head up. Her muscles were really strong and everybody used to say that she didn't represent any fear to the challenges that life was putting to her. When we moved to the United States, Rebeca turned back to a silent and shy girl that nobody would recognize for the first half of the year. She was at some point absent, at some point lost. But after some little adjustments (all of us have problems adjusting some times) my blessings girl bloomed again. She started to sing and dance again. Now she prays for the people at church and they start to testify of healings and blessings in their lives because of my daughter's prayers. She just has a couple of words, but these words are enough to heal, to deliver, and to bless. Now, if she is not at the service, she's missed. And now, I am starting to see this prayer that I said just twenty-four hours after she was born made a reality in her life. Rebeca Esther is a living blessing anywhere she stands.

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Yanitza Arroyo, United States, TX
8/5/2011 7:11:43 PM
I love the story and I hope that she wins

Blanca Sifuentes, United States, FL
8/5/2011 11:15:42 PM
Very nice and touching story. Good luck Rebeca. Esta bella nina a sido bendecida de haber nacido en una familia tan unida.

Pedro, United States, TX
8/7/2011 7:29:33 PM
Great story !

Diana E. Vega Collazo, Puerto Rico,
8/7/2011 9:21:49 PM
God bless you!!!

Anabel Velez, Puerto Rico,
8/7/2011 9:38:37 PM
Eres una bendicin a nuestras vidas. Te amo, titi Anabel.

Brigida, United States, NY
8/8/2011 5:04:54 PM
Dios te bendiga

William Rivera, Puerto Rico,
8/9/2011 6:09:12 AM
Que dios las vendiga,y suerte.

Hannah Koenig, United States, OH
11/14/2011 4:02:58 PM
I love this! It is incredible what GOD blesses us with!

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